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       June 17th to 19th,Deputy General Manager of International Coal International、The chief engineer Han Lei went to Changchun Xing Coal Industry、East Ancient City Coal Industry、Hanjiawa Coal Industry Research and Supervisory Work Safety Production and Quality and Efficiency Increased Efficiency。

       In Changchun Xing Coal Industry,Han Lei went deep into the well 22305 working noodles,Check and guide the work of sparse water operation and essential safety protection。After ascending the well,I listened to the mine on safety production、mining connection、Technology Innovation、Disposal treatment、Report on key tasks such as informatization construction。Han Lei emphasized,Free Bet on Euro 2024Adhere to the "Five -Year Plan、Three -year fine row、One -year essence "principle,Accelerate the recovery work of Yongxin Old Well in Yongxin, Nanguan District,Ensure that the mining mining connection is reasonable and stable。WantGive full play to the advantages of scientific research innovation,Actively explore high strength、Low -density fast excavation process,Improve the level of single -to -dollar。WantDeeply absorbing the recent lesson of water permeability of foreign coal mines,Actively do a good job of spoiling water and water,Strengthen the daily maintenance of the drainage system,Provide a powerful guarantee for installation on time for 22305 working surface。

       Coal Industry in East Ancient City,Han Lei went deep into the underground Z107 working noodles,Digging deployment、Prevention and Fire、Prevention and control water、Top board management and other work conducted on -site inspections and guidance。Later, I learned in detail the mining of the mining mining connection plan for three to five years,Han Lei pointed out,WantSolidly promoting essential safety protection construction,Strictly and carefully do "one pass and three defenses"、Top Board Management、Hidden Danger Investigation and Management Work in key links such as ground testing and prevention。WantContinuous optimization mining deployment,Ahead of the plan to solve the problem of reciprocating resources for the overwriting area of ​​the small kiln,Improve the recovery rate of mine resources with technological innovation。

       In Hanjiawa Coal Industry,Han Lei deeply learned about the mining mining connection、Coal seam existing、Geological structure and production capacity nuclear increase procedures and other work conditions。Han Lei emphasized,WantAlways adhere to the principle of "safety first",firmly grasp the key links and weaknesses of safety production,Implementation of detailed safety responsibility,Keep the security bottom line,Make sure the safety production situation in the mine continues to improve。WantScientific formulation mining connection plan,In -depth analysis and study of mine geological structure,Accurately grasp the geological information of the mine,Optimized design according to the characteristics of different coal seams、Reasonable layout。WantStrengthen technological innovation and new process promotion,Constantly improving the efficiency of coal resources mining and utilization,Steady Promoting the Intelligent Construction of the 19#layer working surface and the filling of the 22#layer,Step the processing of production capacity nuclear increase procedures,Provide protection for the sustainable development of the mine。