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       June 20,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Baolong to Holxinhe Coal Industry Guide Trade Work。

       Liu Baolong and his party went to Holxine Coal Industry Ruifu,View the renovation of the Jingkou mass safety workstation after renovation,Check the facility equipment、Personnel configuration and hidden dangers investigation and governance accounts,Talk to the staff face Recommended European Cup match betting sites-to -face,Detailed understanding of the construction of related functional areas such as "Group Supervisor Post Station" and "Female Workers' Instance"。Then go to the staff bathhouse、Labor Insurance Supermarket and other places conduct visits to investigation,Detailed mastering the bathhouse transformation、Labor insurance distribution and employee innovation studio operation status,Guidance on the work of the Holxinhe Coal Industry Trade Union。

       Liu Baolong pointed out,Currently during the "Safety Production Month" period,The Holxinhe Coal Industry Union must closely combine the actual mine,Make good use of the "group supervisors" and "female worker co -management" two grasping points。European Cup betting website with the highest oddsStrengthening the role of group supervisors' safety functions,Further promotes safety supervision and hidden dangers inspection and governance.,Makes the safety development of coal mines from the front line of production。WantGive full play to the emotional advantage of the female workers' associates,Increase family assistance strength,Enhance the safety awareness of employees in various forms,Create "everyone talks about safety、A strong atmosphere of everyone's security ",Build a "protective network" for mine safety production。