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       June 13,Chang Guangwei, General Economic Master of Shanmei International, went to Jingfang Coal Industry to guide lean management,and participate in the June lean work meeting of the Jingfang Coal Industry。

       The meeting summarized and notified the Gyeenical Work of Jingfang Coal Industry in May,Arrange and deploy the next stage of work tasks。Shanmei International Lean Management Department commented on the content of the "end -to -end" process of Jingfang Coal Industry。

       Chang Guangwei request,Free Bet on Euro 2024Lean Management Requirements "Fine"。Jingfang Coal Industry should continue to refine the standards of management on the current basis,Standardized content that is suitable for the long -term promotion of the meridian coal industry,Rich "Granularity" in the management links of the coal industry of Jingfang。The second isProcess optimization should talk about "pragmatic"。We must compact management responsibilities at all levels,Leaders at all levels should be promoting lean management,Do it yourself、Grasp in person,Make sure that this system project is effective。To do real process optimization content,Persevere problem -oriented,Find the improvement point from the question,Resolutely eliminate formalism。Three isOn -site management should dig "Deep"。Digging management details on the basis of the original good,Rich 6s management、TPM and other management tools,Accelerate the "pilot first" to "global coverage","Static" to a new change from "dynamic standards",Realize the comprehensive improvement of the five dimensions of the "human -machine ingredients" of each site。Four isLean production must produce "boutique"。Persist in focusing on the main business and push lean,Combined with the status quo of the production of mine,Design optimization、Production Organization、Equipment management、Cost -control and other core areas continued to force,Digging a boutique project that truly solves the depth of minerals and has the industry leaders,Demonstration for the comprehensive promotion of lean management for Shanxi Coking Coal、Tree model。

       After the meeting,Chang Guangwei went to the Jingfang Coal Industry Machine Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteRepair Workshop、Comprehensive mining team supervisory on -site management and viewing board promotion situation。