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       June 13th to 16th,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Cao Junwen led the relevant business department、The Jinbei area dispatched agency went to the four -mining inspection and guidance of the four mining districts in the Jinbei area。

       Cao Junwen has penetrated into the Lane 81022 of Longwan Mine、Donggu City Mine 22101 Transportation Slip、Hanjiawa Mine 22209 Transportation Slip and Changchun Xing Mine 22605 Hui Shun Tank Digging Face,Focus on the implementation of the implementation of essential safety protection measures。

       Cao Junwen pointed out,Each mine must adhere to firmly establishing the concept of safety Free Bet on Euro 2024development,Treatment of the dialectical relationship between safety and production,Resolutely achieve "not safe and not produced"。Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitePerseverance to promote the implementation of 20 essential safety protection measures,Continuous optimization and improvement according to local conditions,To really use it、Practical、Tube,Promoting improvement of the essential safety level continues to improve。Two isStrict control of the quality of support materials,Improve the traceability management system,Make sure the support materials used in the well are reliable and durable。Three isPersons who enter the well must carry first -aid drugs with them,Knowing how to use,to better protect yourself and others,Guarantee safety production。Four isEstablishing an access authorization management system for the ground key places,Eliminate the blind area of ​​video supervision of the ground key places,Make sure "no supervision and control without homework"。Five isPay attention to the cultivation of enterprise security culture,Improve employee safety literacy,Casting the root of the roots for the safe development of the enterprise。Six isStrengthen environmental protection business management,High -standard specifications Disposal vermiculite,Strengthen the operation supervision of the sewage treatment plant,Ensure that the full process control of vermiculite "production row",Water quality stabilizes standard。

       During the inspection,Cao Junwen is also a 35KV substation for each mine、Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesSewage treatment stations and other key key places and the construction site of the Changchun Xingqi coal reconstruction project for supervision and inspection。