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       June 13,Deputy General Manager of Sand Coal International、Chief Engineer Han Lei and his party went to Holxinhe Coal Industry to hold the "110 Work Law" coal -free pillar mining promotion meeting,Members of relevant departments of Shanmei International、Members of the Holsinhe Coal Industry Team and the Beijing China Mining Innovation Alliance Energy and Environmental Science Research Institute attended the meeting。

       will be on it,Holxinhe Coal Industry reported European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe "110 Work Method" coal -free pillar mining at the site of the underground work face、Technical service progress、There are problems during the implementation of the project、Need to solve problems and other situations。Participants conducted a warm discussion on the development of the project。

       Han Lei pointed out,"110 Work Method" coal -free pillar mining project is a key engineering project of Shanxi coking coal,Holxinhe Coal Industry as a benchmark mine for Shanmei International,To make good use of this "test field",Transforming technology into excellent results,Provides strong support and guarantee for the efficient recovery of coal mines。He emphasized,Construction units must strengthen communication Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitework between the construction unit and the mineral party,Clearly clarify the responsibilities of their respective,To cooperate with each other、Coordinated advance。During the specific implementation process,It must be closely combined with the actual status of the scene,Fully listen to opinions and suggestions from all aspects,Continuously promoting the innovative technology of the "110 Work Law" in the Holxia Coal Industry is effective,Promoting coal technology innovation mining,Effectively extend the service life of the mine,Help enterprise sustainable development。