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       June 14,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Baolong at the inspection and guidance of Changchun Xing Coal Industry。

       Liu Baolong went to Changchun Xing Coal Industry Material Library、Employee Apartment、Check the staff restaurant and other places,and talk with the employees present,Understand accommodation、Canteen Food、The actual situation of Chinese food in the well -off work。Subsequent,Key to do a good job of people's livelihood、Employee Rights Maintenance、Construction Reform of the Industrial Workers、Innovative talent training、Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesEmployee Cultural and Sports activities and other work conducted on -site office。

       Liu Baolong pointed out,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesAdhere to the employee -centered work orientation。To seize the employees and the masses, the most concerned、Most direct、The most realistic interest problem,Earnestly fulfills the legitimate rights and interests of employees、The basic responsibility of serving employees is full of dedicated to employees。Union cadres must adhere to the service grassroots、Service front line、Service employee,Focus on solving the problem of "urgency and sorrow" in work and life,Effectively do good things、True work,Create more secure、Tian Jie、A comfortable working conditions,Let the front -line workers safe operation、Warm work。Two isIncrease the strength of innovative talents。Trade union should take the lead in promoting the reform of the industrial worker team,Use the platform of Innovation Studio,Continue strengthening innovative talent reserves,Continuously stimulate employees based on job research technology、The enthusiasm for innovation and creation,Help enterprise selection of high -tip technical talents、Advanced models such as incubation and cultivation skills artisans。Three isStrengthen labor protection supervision and inspection。To effectively protect the interests of employees,How to improve supervision and inspection、frequency,Constantly improving the labor management system,Strengthen the safety awareness and self -protection ability of all employees,Work for the safety and health of employees、Happy Life Protection,Gathering a strong force to promote the high -quality development of new coking coal。