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       Recently,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Chief Financial Director Chen Yijie went to the "Four Two Nastest Strains" to the inspection of the "two halls and one house" logistics support work。

       In the Employee Canteen,Chen Yijie adopted "Listen to Opinions、Check the scene、Asking questions ",Focusing on the restaurant hygiene、Storage of ingredients、Disinfection of tableware、Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteKitchen Environment、Service staff health and other situations,I listened to the opinions and suggestions of the employees。Subsequent,To the bathhouse、Dormitory、Convenience supermarket、Digging Team Living Area and other places,Sanitaryness for the environment、Equipment and facilities operation and first -aid drug box reserve、Usage, etc.。

       Chen Yijie request,Recommended European Cup match betting sitesContinue to strengthen the "two halls and one house" logistics support work,The hope of the employee needs,Do your various services work、Doing really、Do fine。WantFollowing the staff, food, housing and transportation,Persist in improving the quality of life as the starting point,System Construction、Environmental hygiene、Facilities and equipment、Service standards and other aspects are constantly improving,Fully improve the ability of logistics support。WantContinue to carry out hidden dangers investigation and governance,Timely rectification existence problems,Ensure that employees can rest assured、Wash comfortably、Live in peace,devoted to the work safety work of mine,Constantly enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of employees。