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Release time: 2024-06-07   Author: Hongyuan Coal Industry Li Junjie Views:

       To further improve the quality of employees,Recently,Hongyuan Coal Industry specially hired professional lecturers to conduct professional skills quality improvement training for key team members。

       The content of this training Recommended European Cup match betting sitesincludes the "Labor Organization Management System"、"Salary Management", "Coal Mine Safety Regulations"、"One Pass Three Defense Safety Management" and other coal mine -related professional knowledge,Test papers test after the training,Qualification rate reaches 100%。

       Through this training,further enhance the knowledge of employees of the company、Learning Technology、Drilling business、Strong quality enthusiasm,At the same time through innovative training methods,Taking the scene as the classroom,Combining training with daily work,Building "learning business for employees、European Cup betting website with the highest oddsStrong skills、Learning Management、Promoting safety "platform,Promote personal growth of employees,It also supports talent support for the development of the enterprise。