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       May 31,Shanmei International held the launch meeting of the "Safety Production Month" and the general manager safety office meeting。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Free Bet on Euro 2024of Free Bet on Euro 2024Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the meeting and speak。Deputy General Manager、Chief Engineer Han Lei chaired the meeting。Member of the Leadership Team、The heads of all departments of the organs and the heads of the resident branch attended the meeting at the main venue,Sea Transport Branch and relevant personnel of various grassroots units attended the meeting at the video branch。

       Conference Learning to implement the spirit of important expositions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production,Watch the safety accident warning education film,I learned "Mining Rescue Regulations"。The office reports the development of the party and government group collaborative safety inspection activities。Lean Management Department reported the development of 6S management and "end -to -end" full process optimization work。Each professional department notified the work safety work in May,Affected the key work of business security in June。

       Pay China analyzed the current safety production situation,From "Coordinating Development and Safety,Consolidate the foundation for security with the results of development Safe and reliable European European Cup betting website with the highest oddsRecommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesCup betting website"" coordinate the focus and key,Ensure that measures are implemented and implemented "" "coordinate the activity point and line,Make a work arrangement with three aspects: "Promotion Concept to Promotion of Activities"。He emphasized,Managers at all levels must closely follow "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency -Fresh Life Channel "Theme,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions and important instructions of production safety、"Regulations on the Safety Production of Coal Mine", "Mining Rescue Regulations"、The State Council's security committee prevents and curbs the eight hard measures of major production safety accidents in the mine field,Implement "Strict、tight、Deep、Fine、Real "work requirements,Popularized with security laws and regulations、Safety theme preaching、Analysis of accident case、LifeThe channel is unblocked、Emergency drills, etc.,Really launched the "Safety Production Month" activity,"Safety Production Month" into a "learning month" for safety knowledge、"Reinforcement Month" of hidden danger treatment、"Consolidation European Cup betting website with the highest oddsRecommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesMonth" of the safety foundation、"Improve Month" for first aid skills,Effectively build a safe foundation。

       Pay Zhonghua pointed out,All units of various departments should take the three -year operation of the safety production and control,Detailed implementation of the State Council's security committee to prevent curbing and curbing the eight hard measures for the major production safety accidents and the specific measures of our province,Pastener overplaying layer、Broken Belt、Jiemei、Big system adjustment and other important places,Continue to grasp the coal mine gas、Water damage、Fire、Peak and other major disasters advanced governance、Engineering governance、System governance,Promoting the security governance mode to prevent transformation beforehand。To strengthen the management of electromechanical equipment,The quality and efficiency of the equipment will be improved as an important starting point,Pay close attention to maintenance and maintenance and daily management,Provide a powerful guarantee for the safety of mineral safety。"Three Defense" work in the rainy season,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesStrengthen monitoring European Cup betting website with the highest oddsand early warning,Give full play to the role of rain love monitoring system,Improve forecast accuracy and timelyness,Testing of human test、Civil defense technical defense combination,Early warning in advance、Sports in advance。To carefully implement the province、Shanxi coking coal safety production and quality improvement meeting spirit,Strive from production、Trade、Dig potential in the aspects of washing and other aspects、Do fine、Increased efficiency,Resolutely eliminate super power production,Make sure to complete various target tasks。

       Payment of China Requirements,The "first leaders" of each unit must effectively carry the safety responsibility,Grasp the safety control of unconventional operations、No supervision and control without work、Essential safety protection construction and other work,Turn "Question List" into a "A result list"。To strengthen the understanding of "the scene is the main battlefield of security",Continue to promote the "end -to -end" lean management,Put your kung fu in your usual、Next at the scene、Under management,Constantly Recommended European Cup match betting sitesimproving the standardization Recommended European Cup match betting sitesof production safety、Regular circulation operation、Work Regulations Management and other levels,Guarantee ore safe and orderly production,Laying a solid foundation for the high -quality development of the enterprise。