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Release time: 2024-05-31   Author: Shanmei International Technology Center Li Zhiying Views:

       May 25 to June 1 is the National Science and Technology Event Week in 2024,Shanmei International has recently held a scientific and technological event week exhibition event,Company leaders and some functional departments participated in this event。

       The theme of the National Science and Technology Activity Week this year is "Promoting the spirit of scientists stimulate the vitality of the whole society",Focus on promoting the major decision -making deployment of the 20th Recommended European Cup match betting sitesNational European Cup betting website with the highest oddsCongress of the Party about scientific and technological innovation,Show the latest results achieved in scientific and technological innovation in recent years,Vigorously promote the spirit of scientists。

       This exhibition event mainly shows the theme of science and technology activities、Key measures for company scientific and technological innovation,and in green mining for the past two years、Symposium、Technical achievements and intellectual property rights in green environmental protection。

       In the event,The staff introduced Song Zhenzhen、Xie Heping and other academicians in the field of coal,Tell the major contributions and outstanding deeds of their reform and innovation in the field of coal,Inspiring the company's scientific Free Bet on Euro 2024and European Cup betting website with the highest oddstechnological workers and the majority of cadres and employees take the spirit of the new era scientist as the example,Use scientific and technological innovation to give birth to new productive forces。

       This promotional activity,further enhanced employees' understanding of technological innovation,attracted the extensive participation of various departments,Create a love science in the company、The strong atmosphere of advocating science,For improving the scientific quality of all staff、Further stimulate innovation and creative vitality is important。