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Release time: 2024-05-30   Author: Propaganda Department of Shanmei International Party Committee Views:

       May 29,The Central Party Committee of Shanmei International Party Committee (enlarged) holds a collective study seminar。Secretary of the board of directors of coking coal coal in Shanxi、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun presided over the meeting and spoke。Member of the Leading Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesRecommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesTeam of Shanmei、The person in charge of each department attended the meeting。

       The conference collectively learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech in Shandong、General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the spirit of the important speech of an enterprise and expert symposium、General Secretary Xi Jinping on important expositions and instructions of important instructions for production safety,Earnestly studied the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Communication and learning the relevant requirements of the Provincial Party Secretary Tang Dengjie when investigating in Xinzhou City。Members of the Party Committee Central Team conducted exchanges and discussions with the Regulations。

       Meng Jun emphasized,To thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition and important instructions on safety production,Acknowledge the situation,Correct responsibility,Always tighten the string of safe production。Free Bet on Euro 2024Strengthen professional security control,Requirements for the burden reduction at the grassroots level,Precisely formulate work standards and processes for various types of safety supervision and inspection,Adhering to "Solution" to do a good job of professional service guidance,With standards、Questions and responsibility "Anatomy Sparrow",Dynamic True Troubleshooting and implementing rectification and implementation,Constantly improve the level of safety management。WantPromoting the safety of safety treatment,Efforts to rectify the feedback issues of supervision inspection and inspection of the State Council's Security Committee and the province's special inspection feedback from the province,Three -year action with the cure of the root cause,Establish and improve the hidden danger of accidents from fundamental elimination、The institutional mechanism of solving the problem、Responsible chain and prevention and control system,Grasp the safety control of unconventional operations、Video "Anti -Three Violation"、Essential safety protection construction and other work,Create the essential safe enterprise。WantOrganize the "Safety Production Month" activity、Safety prevention work during the flood season、Network security work and ideological security work,Create the "anti -risk、Safe safety、Protection stable "atmosphere。WantPractice the concept of "two mountains",Orderly promote the standardized disposal of coal vermiculite、Sewage treatment plant bidding transformation、Ecological recovery of mining area,Comprehensive improvement of environmental management management efficiency。

       Meng Jun pointed out,Guide to General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on comprehensive deepening reforms,Gathering forced quality increase efficiency,Deepening reform and change,Make sure to complete various indicators and tasks at high quality。WantPersist in stable production and stable supply,Continuous optimization mining connection,Carefully organized production,Make sure the task is completed and efficiently complete,Resolutely eliminate super power production。WantStrengthen the strategy of "Essential Coal Win",Continuously optimized product structure,Action of "Consumption Reduction and Increased and Increased Moisturization" Action,Comprehensive improvement of selection efficiency and refined coal recycling rate。WantGuidelines for Leaning,Establish a "tight life" thought,Strengthen cost control,Do a good job of comprehensive budget management and investment plan management,Fixed benefits to management。WantAccelerate innovation -driven change,Promote equipment renewal and intelligent transformation according to local conditions,Reshape production and operation mode。WantAccelerate the commercial modelstyle change,Strengthening the deep collaboration of Recommended European Cup Free Bet on Euro 2024match betting sitesproduction and trade transportation,Promoting the strategy and trade transformation of the "advantage of coal distribution",Long Chain Make up chain strong chain,Provide value -added services,Improve the overall creative ability。WantAccelerate the change of performance management,Implement the performance management methods of the government and department and the PBC performance management measures for all agencies,Do a good job of process counseling、Tracking、Rectification and other work,Improve value creation ability and comprehensive service ability。

       Meng Jun emphasized,The important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's disciplinary construction and the spirit of important instructions on party discipline learning and education,Strictly arranged deployment in accordance with the party committee of the group company,solidly promotes party discipline study and education to go deeply。WantPractical effect in learning,Organize learning discussions、Warning education、Special Party Lesson,Guide the majority of party members、Cadres comprehensively understand and implement the party's discipline,Really transform discipline and rules into political consciousness、Thought Consciousness、Action Consciousness。WantDo an example in action,Active comparison with party rules and party discipline inspection and analysis、Calibration deviation,Courage to take responsibility for、Dare to fight、Hard struggle、Good work for good。WantStrictly governing the party and then strengthening the party,Strictly regulate party member management,Do a deep inspection inspection and rectification "The second half of the article",Continuous deepening of the construction of the overall supervision system,Provide a strong guarantee for the high -quality development of the enterprise。