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       May 28,Shanmei International Coal Sales Branch organized a meeting of Shanmei International Corresponding Coal Sales Plan for June。

       The meeting heard the completion of the production and sales of each unit in May and the selection sales plan in June,Analysis and judgment on the trend of the coal market。

       Meeting requirements,To scientifically improve Free Bet on Euro 2024the Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Siteslevel of sales management,Strengthen the performance of customers' performance and regional market analysis capabilities,Fully guarantee the complete completion of the electrical coal insurance supply task,Make sure to achieve the standard。Plan in advance、Active docking,Actively judge the trend of the coal market,Each sales work should be scientifically deployed,Timely connecting end customer needs with "customer -centric",Reinforcement contract performance,Master the right to speak market,Make sure the price is formulated to be further close to the market operation。To improve understanding,Free Bet on Euro 2024Each Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitescoal mine must work hard on the basic management of coal quality,Focus on the basic link、Operation Regulations、Coal distribution standard,Especially in the production process, find a gap at the level of coal quality control,Improve customer coal quality。

       Relevant units and departments made a statement on the work.