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Release time: 2024-05-29   Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesAuthor: Hanjiawa Coal Industry Zhen Xiaojie Wei Xixi Pu Longwan Coal Industry Chen Lei Views:

       May 27th to 28th,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China uses the "Four Nothing and Two Strains" method,Go to Baobao Mine Hanjiawa Coal Industry and Shop Longwan Coal Industry,Supervision and inspection of production safety。He emphasized,We must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of important expositions and important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production,Earnestly implement the spirit of Shanxi Coking Coal Group and Shanmei International Safety Production and Quality and Efficiency Increases Working Conference,Deeply absorbing recent transportation、Top board and other accident lessons,Comprehensive implementation of various work measures,Ensure safely and orderly safe production。

       In Hanjiawa Coal Industry,Fu Zhonghua penetrated into the well -under time Safe and reliable European Cup betting website22209 transportation sliding tank working surface,Detailed understanding of the production safety status on the spot、Equipment operation, etc.,and the advancement of the promotion of essential safety protection construction。In Shop Longwan Coal Industry,Fu China first went deep into the underground to view the operation of the intelligent equipment of 5105 comprehensive mining work surface,Then go to the secondary well to improve the computer room、35KV substation research guidance of electromechanical equipment management and protection upgrade and transformation。

       Pay China emphasized,First, we must resolutely solidify the concept of security development,Pressing the responsibility for production safety,Abandon the idea of ​​luck,Chang Huai's heart,Really transforming the sense of responsibility of "constantly rest assured" into a "bottom in the heart of things"。Second, it is necessary to arrange the production connection Recommended European Cup match betting sitesin overall planning,The key links and key difficulties of the mining mining connection of the mine,Scientific optimization production layout,firmly grasping regular circular operation This safe production "cattle nose",Safety、Stability、Orderly organized production。Third, we must use the "dual pre -control mechanism",Do a detailed and practical safety risk identification and hidden danger investigation and governance,Carefully carry out the system for the ore、Risk research and judgment evaluation of each head and face,Dynamic tracking management and control results,Cure risk hidden dangers,Effectively supports the situation of safe production and stabilizes。Fourth, we must solidly promote the construction of essential safety protection,Continue in a high -voltage power supply area、Rotating the transmission site、Big belt protection nets and other aspects of essential security protection measures,Free Bet on Euro 2024Effective prevention accidents caused by error operation,Really promotes the construction of essential safety into the scene、See results。Five is to strengthen the application of scientific and technological innovation,Accelerate the promotion of mature intelligent technology equipment with its own conditions,aiming gas、top board、Water、Difficulties and shortcomings in the aspects of prevention and fire extinguishing key construction,Accelerate the new production of safety production technology,New Technology、The application of the new process cracked the bottleneck that restricts the safety of mine。