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       May 24,Shanmei International held a special meeting for safety production and quality improvement and efficiency increase。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Chunghwa chair the meeting and speak。Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Financial Director Chen Yijie,General Legal Consultant Li Zhi,General Manager Jiao Hao attended the meeting。The person in charge of the relevant professional departments attended the meeting。

       Pay Zhonghua pointed out,All units and departments quickly unify their thoughts and actions to the decision -making deployment of coking coal in Shanxi,Requirements for the implementation of the "Implementation Plan of Shanxi Coking Coal Safety Production and Improvement of Quality and Efficiency",With a strong sense of mission and responsibility,Keep the safety bottom line,Guarantee coal output,​​Improve development Recommended European Cup match betting sitesquality and efficiency,Laying a solid foundation for the high -quality development of the enterprise。

       Pay China emphasized,To correctly understand the dialectical relationship between safety and production,Resolutely Tree Safety Development Concept,Pressing the responsibility for safety production,Strengthening safety production prevention measures,firmly holding the basic production of safety production。To strengthen the whole process of safety production,Clarify the safety responsibilities and prescribed actions of managers and operators at all levels,Strictly control the unsafe behavior of the operator,Improve security and guarantee。To strengthen the prediction of major risks of professional fields、Research and judgment、Analysis、Research and judgment,Resolve safety risks from the source,Fundamentally eliminate hidden safety hazards。To further strengthen the production organization,Recommended European Cup match betting sitesPay attention to the mining connection,Do a good job of coordination of production, transportation and sales,Timely solving the blocking point of the various aspects of the production, sales and transportation and transportation,Make sure that the coal is stable and stable。We must actively promote the increase in production capacity and resource allocation,Strengthen communication and coordination and tracking and implementation,Accelerate the relevant procedures,Consolidate the foundation of production,Enhanced development stamina。To promote the strategy of refined coal solidly,Give full play to the advantages of coal distribution,Improve the efficiency of coal washing and comprehensive economic benefits of coal。We must adhere to the "market -oriented、Customer -centric "concept,Strengthen the linkage of selection and sales,Reinforcement with washing and selling and sales,Provide customized European Cup betting website with the highest oddsproducts for customers、Menu -style service,Improve market competitiveness。

       Payment of China Requirements,All units and departments must effectively strengthen organizational leadership of production safety and quality and efficiency improvement,closely linked to the group company arrangement deployment,Quickly study and formulate the work plan and target measures of the unit,Take Lean Management as the starting point,Management change as a means,Scientific Plan、Strict assessment、Strengthen supervision、Strict assessment,Go all out to promote the work to implement、Get results,Settled all goals and tasks,Accelerate the high -quality development of enterprises。