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       To further learn the advanced gas governance of the industry、Prevention and Fire、Comprehensive dustproof technical experience,Open Broad Coal Mine Management personnel Vision,Ensure that the mine is safe and efficient、High -quality development,May 20,Deputy General Manager of Sand Coal International、Chief Engineer Han Lei led a team to the Chongqing Research Institute of China Coal Science and Technology Group to carry out a week -long "one pass and three defense" professional technology learning。Chief Engineers of Each Coal Mine、Ventilation managers and "one pass European Cup betting website with the highest oddsand three defense" management technicians participate。

       This professional technology study invited the Gas Branch of the Chongqing Research Institute of China Coal Science and Technology Group、Surveying and Control Branch、Drilling Branch、Experts from well -known experts from the Fire Destroyer of the Gong'an Branch。Experts explained "New Gas Governance Technology and New Equipment under Intelligent Conditions", "Fire Blasting Co -Defense and Fire Prevention", "Introduction to Drilling Technology Equipment and Crafts", "Introduction to Drilling Technology Equipment and Crafts" Important content such as "New Technology,At the same time, the problems encountered in production work in combination with Shanmei International coal mines were guided、Confusion and communication,Focus on in -depth discussions Free Bet on Euro 2024on the 110 -fire fire -extinguishing technology of the two categories of natural flames.。The trainees also visited the National Key Laboratory of the National Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Disasters、Jianqiao Monitoring Intelligent Instrument Factory and Smart Direct Drilling Machine Craft Workshop。

       Participants have expressed,The content of this training is informative、Dry goods full,There is a theoretical special lecture,There are on -site exchanges and discussions,New technologies, new technologies, study,It is a chance to improve learning,It is also a platform that communicates with each other,The level of business management level of the "one pass and three defense" business of Yama Coal International,Safety production of coal Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitemines has a strong promotion effect。