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       May 21,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Chief Financial Director Chen Yijie and his party to Holxin He Coal Industry,Organization to hold the chairman of the Holxine Coal Industry Ren Ren Zhongzhong Audit Entry Meeting。

       He pointed out,Holxine Coal Industry Struggle、I did a lot of work,Getting good results in all aspects,Safety production management、Business Management、Lean Management and other work have obvious improvements compared to three years ago,The highlight of the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitework gradually presents。Chen Yijie emphasized,First, we must fully understand the significance of the audit of economic responsibility。Deep understanding of the internal audit is the "free medical examination" of the enterprise,Can find problems in business management in time,Objective evaluation of corporate leading cadres,It regulates the management of enterprises,An important way to ensure the healthy development of enterprises。The second is that the Holxia coal industry must fully cooperate with the audit。Specify a special person to be responsible for docking,Make sure to provide a comprehensive time in time、Real information; for the problems found,To analyze it carefully、Find the reason、Research Free Bet on Euro 2024countermeasures、Timely rectification,Continuous improvement and improve the level of business management。Third, the audit team must earnestly keep the quality and keep the audit work。To combine the audit plan and the business characteristics of the audited unit,Precise determines the key audit focus,Persist in time to obey quality,Deepen research audit,True、Full、Accurately evaluate; we must effectively implement the "Audit quality improvement annual action" in place,Discipline of serious work,Promote positive energy,Under the circumstance that it does not affect the normal production and operation of the enterprise,Fully complete this audit task。