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May 23,In the keynote speech contest of "Promoting Energy Safety Safety" in the coal union of Shanxi Province,Shanmei International Trade Union won the Outstanding Organization Award, Ling Zhida Coal Industry represents two players participating in Shanmei International Trade Union.,Gold and bronze awards respectively.

Recommended European Cup match betting sitesTo make the game achieve great results,Ling Zhida Coal Industry carefully organized selection staff,and conducted a comprehensive system training,Focus on the content of the speech、PPT display and other links for differentiated counseling。In the game,The company's participating employees Gao Xueqian and Hu Yannan told their understanding of energy security from the perspective of ordinary coal miners,The principle of explaining energy security with your own "small story",Use fresh experience、Simple emotion、sincere language,Show the home and country responsibility of state -owned enterprises and the energy feelings of Free Bet on Euro 2024modern coal miners,Get unanimous praise from the judges and the audience's applause。

After the game,Gao Xueqian said,The achievement of the results is both my personal work perception,It is also the corporate concept that Ling Zhida coal industry has adhered to for many years,In future work,I will continue to carry forward hard struggle、The spirit of silent dedication,Contribute to the development of the company's development。