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To make employees feel the warmth of the business family,May 22,Member of the Party Committee of Ling Zhida Coal Industry、Ren Jiebin, chairman of the union,Deputy Manager Li Xufeng led the team,Careful condolences to European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe cadres and employees of the production of front -line teams,Give them the care and warmth of the organization。

In condolences,Company leaders communicated face to face with front -line employees,Delivery and meticulous understanding the situation of moving under the well,Detailed inquiries about the work content of the employees、Problems in the working environment and safety facilities,Seriously listened to the opinions and suggestions of employees,Thank you very much for your hard work for your hard work,and send milk for everyone、Bread and other condolences。

After the condolences,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesCompany leaders also conduct in -depth exchanges on the work safety work and team leaders,View on the spot and did not operate without monitoring、The implementation of the video screening system and the registration of the production safety platform。