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May 21,The Shanxi Coking Coal washing management center formed a safety inspection team to conduct a major safety inspection in Ling Zhida Coal Industry Coal Selection Plant。Company leader、The person in charge of the relevant business departments participated。

Currency selection plant,The inspection team passed the field survey、Listen to the report、Check the Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesfiles and other methods,The system understands that the coal selection of coal factories is in production safety management、Facilities and equipment maintenance、The actual situation of the execution of operating procedures,For some weak links and potential risk points for some security management,In -depth exchanges with the person in charge of the coal selection plant of Ling Zhida coal industry,Put forward specific rectification measures and suggestions,and how to further improve the level of security management、Strengthen employee safety awareness and other problems,Discussion on exchanges。

Inspection team requirements,First, to strengthen safety European Cup betting website with the highest oddssupervision,Strictly implement the responsibility for production safety,Ensure that various safety production measures are effectively implemented。Second, we must actively carry out safety production publicity and education activities,Improve employees' safety awareness and operation skills,Create a better atmosphere for the company's production safety。Third, to do a good job of communication,Active initiative and advanced units to learn,Continuously improve the level of safety,Provide strong support for the long -term development of the enterprise。