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Release time: 2024-05-21   Author: Holxine Coal Industry Li Junjie Blizzard Views:

       Recently,Chang Guangwei, General Economic Master of Shanmei International, went to Holxinhe Coal Industry to carry out "end -to -end" full -process lean management special training and waste recognition and lean improvement training,and go to the excavation team to conduct on -site research。Secretary of the Party Committee of Holxinhe Coal Industry、Chairman Li Jiangong,Manager Yang Yong and other leadership teams,Each Ministry of the Ministry、Team leader,Participate in the Leaning Project Manager and Business backbone。

       During the training process,The Standards for Sorting the Process of Shanmei International Lean Management Department、The problems existing in the current process optimization、Typical optimization cases of process combing and process optimization of process European Cup betting website with the highest oddsoptimizations and arrangements for the next step,Comprehensive and detailed explanation of the "end -to -end" process combing standard and optimization method。At the same time,Also from the connotation and characteristics of waste、Eight wastes of coal mine companies、Common waste of improvement ideas and other angles,Systematically explained the relevant knowledge of identifying waste and lean improvement。

       Subsequent,Chang Guangwei and his party went to the Holx Hexin coal industry to excavate a team、Comprehensive excavation second team and other teams conducted on -site research on the construction of the viewing information platform,In the conference room on the fourth floor of the Lianjian Building, I heard a team of comprehensive mining of Holxine Coal Industry、Comprehensive mining second team、Comprehensive excavation team、Comprehensive excavation Second Team European Cup betting website with the highest oddsManagement Work Report。

       Chang Guangwei emphasized,First, we must demonstrate the management of the viewing board,Continue to pay attention to the progress of the management work of the board,Timely discover problems and take effective improvement measures,Realize the continuous optimization and improvement of the management of viewing board,Continuously promoting the management of viewing board towards a higher level。The second is to do a good job of lean production,Tightly combined with the actual work,Deepen the high -quality lean project,Through accurate analysis and scientific methods,Find out the key links and measures that can effectively achieve cost reduction and efficiency。Production through lean,Constantly improving production efficiency,Reduce cost consumption,Enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise。Third, Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitewe must vigorously promote the optimization of the process,Promote according to the optimization method and drawing standard,Pay attention to the first leader,Clarify the time node and responsible person,inverted construction period,Fandering the blocking point and waste point,reached standard unified,Comprehensively promote the optimization of the "end -to -end" process to work.。