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Release time: 2024-05-21   Author: Holxinhe Coal Industry Li Junjie Zhang Lei Ling Zhida Coal Industry Li Liyuan Views:

       Recently,Secretary of the board of directors of Shanmei International Li Yanying and his party went to Holxinhe Coal Industry、Ling Zhida Coal Industry,Investigation and guidance of performance management changes and standardized operations。

       In the survey,Li Yanying heard the coal mine on production and operation、Performance assessment、Report on equity management Recommended European Cup match betting sitesand other conditions,Interpretation of PBC performance management measures and company standardized operations in 2024,Discussion with members of the coal mine team。

       Li Yanying emphasized,To strengthen Shanxi coking coal、Various strategic deployment and work arrangements of Shanmei International,Overall work ideas around "131" performance management,Value -oriented deep performance assessment to performance management changes,Comprehensive promotion of management level and steadily improved management performance。To further lead the deep PBC performance management mode,Around the target、Focus on key points,Differential implementation according to the actual situation of each unit、step -level assessment incentive。We Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitemust continue to optimize the performance management system,Courage to face challenges,Scientific setting assessment indicators,Enhance performance management accuracy,Drive various tasks to improve quality and increase efficiency。To firmly establish a standardized operational awareness,Strict implementation of the management system of listed companies and the "Ten Red Line" management regulations for the operation of Shanmei International Standards,Constantly improving the company's governance system,Give full play to the function of the "Three Meetings",Strengthen the management of the holding unit,Construction escorting enterprises with the rule of law in compliance with the rule of law。