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       May 14,Yashan Coal International held the construction of the "Washing, Transporting European Cup betting website with the highest oddsand Storage and Storage" supervision system for the construction of the Jinbei regional mining plant station,In -depth promotion of the "production washing, transportation and storage" of the Jinbei regional mining plant stations, the full business process of the entire business process。Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Yang Junwang、Deputy General Manager Song Guozhong attended the meeting and made a job arrangement,Shanxi Coking Coal Comprehensive Supervision Center Fourth Supervision Team attended the meeting to guide。

       The meeting emphasized,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteDeep understanding of the major practical significance of the construction of the "production, transport, transportation and storage" supervision system of Jinbei regional mining plant stations,Further firm confidence、Find a measure、Collaborative cooperation,Give full play to the important role of the supervision system of "washing and transportation and storage",firmly promoting the company's high -quality development。ToAnchor "Full Management level Promotion、Expansion of the entire business field "work line,Playing the horizontal barriers of the department、Vertical resistance,Establish a "one game" consciousness,The invalid waste and unreasonable loss in the systemic governance business chain,Follow the rationality of the logic of quantitative relations in each link、Stability of the quality of raw coal、The efficiency of the selection of coal washing、The lean of the platform management and control、The lean of the platform management and control,Implementing the full chain of all aspects of "eating dry and cleaning",Eliminate "Running and Drop Drops"。ToOrganic combination of the system with the current inspection and rectification of inspections,Tighten the liability chain,Keeping an eye on the key points and difficult points to grasp rectification,Pay close attention to the symptoms and cure the rectification,Pay close attention to the prevention and get the rectification.,Efforts to solve key difficulties problems,Promote the establishment of the system with the effectiveness of inspection and rectification,Build a promotion inspection and rectification with systematic construction。

       Conference requirements,ToPay more attention to the systemic governance of "washing, transportation and storage" with higher positions,Fully understand its importance from the height of politics,Effectively unify the thinking and action to the decision -making deployment of the company's party committee。ToGrabbing coal sales and trade collaboration with higher standards,Establish a normalized collaborative linkage work mechanism,Improve the industrial chain supply chain collaborative supporting level,Accelerate the construction of the integration of production and trade and transportation integrated business model,Further highlight the coordinated development effect。ToPromote the implementation of various work measures with stricter style,A sense of responsibility with "constantly rest assured"、Serious and responsible spirit and rigorous and pragmatic work style,Solidly promote the implementation of various tasks、Seeing the line effective。

       The meeting announced the "Working Plan for the Construction of the" Washing, Transporting and Storage and Storage "Supervision System for the Construction of the Jinbei Regional Mining Plant Station,For the implementation of the eight regulations of the central government、Rectifying the inconsistent winds and corruption problems around the masses emphasize and then emphasize the requirements。Great Supervision Center、Coal Quality Management Center、Trade Branch、Sales Branch made detailed arrangements for related work。

       The person in charge of the mining station of Jinbei area、full -time supervision commissioner and related personnel attended the meeting。Before the meeting,Yang Junwang led a team to Shop Longwan Coal Industry、The shipping station owned by the Trade Branch conducted on -site research。