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May 14th,Leopard Gully Coal Industry held a special promotion meeting for building a "New Coking Coal Supervision System",Company leadership team、Shanmei International School Leopard Gully Coal Industry full -time supervision team、Cadres above the grassroots level or above attend the meeting,The meeting was chaired by Cui Fenghai, deputy secretary of the party branch。


The meeting conveyed and implemented the spirit of the work promotion meeting of Shanmei International Party Committee to build the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",The Party and Mass Work Department carried out the overall deployment arrangement of the company's 2024 "New Coking Coal Supervision System",Planning Free Bet on Euro 2024Enterprise Management Department、Material adoption department、Pu County Energy made a statement,The Finance Department conducted experience sharing,Li Yang, the head of the full -time supervision team, made an important speech。

Party Secretary of the Party Branch、Chairman Su Songyu emphasized,First, comprehensively accelerate the construction of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",Resolutely implement the group company's "1410" work deployment in place,Focus on "a main line",It is the full management level advance、Expansion of the entire business field,It is to embed the supervision into safe production、Coal washing selection、Materials collection for bidding、Sales Trade、Project Construction、Fund settlement and other business areas,Improve business process、Key links of control and control、Preventing Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesintegrity risk,Effectively control the key person、Keep key things、Tube to the key point,True construction of vertical to the end、S three -dimensional supervision network。Second is to clarify the "four responsibilities",Pressing the Construction Responsibility。We must further clarify the responsibilities of the "General Administration of General Management" of the General Party Branch and the responsibility of the "Master Government" in the work class,To further clarify the duties of "direct management" of various functional departments,Especially the person in charge of various functional departments must fulfill the responsibilities of the first responsible person in the business field,Third, we must further clarify the responsibilities of the leadership team "one post and two responsibilities",While doing a good job of business work in charge Recommended European Cup match betting sitesof the area,It is also necessary to do a good job in the construction of a large -scale supervision system,Bow in the game、Frequently grasping regular management,Regular research to promote the overall supervision of the system in the field,Further strengthen coordination and inspection guidance,Supervise the strict supervision and management of the division department、Give full play to professional advantages、Strengthen business supervision,Promote various work measures to be implemented、See the effectiveness。