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Release time: 2024-05-13   Author: Hanjiawa Coal Industry Shi Yingyi Views:

       May 10,Chang Guangwei, General Economist of Shanmei International Economic Economic Affairs, went to Hanjiawa Coal Industry,As far as the "end -to -end" full process optimization improvement、6s on -site management、Lean production、Lean Innovation Projects and other tasks conduct research,Organize a discussion and exchange meeting。Relevant personnel of Shanmei International Lean Management Department、Secretary of the Party Branch of the Company、Chairman、Manager Yin Baoting、Squad members accompanied the research。

       Chang Guangwei and his Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteparty went to lean studio、Employee Activity Room、Schedule Command Center、Comprehensive mining team、Sewage treatment station、Small and medium -sized material libraries and other places to guide 6S on -site management,It fully affirmed the development of the 6S on -site management of Hanjiawa Coal Industry。

       Chang Guangwei pointed out,Lean Management is not just a management tool,It is a way of thinking,To continue to improve and innovate,Realize the sustainable development of the enterprise。First, we must continue to deepen 6S on -site management,While consolidating the results of static places,Keep to the ground、Extension of the underground dynamic places,Create cleanliness and orderly、Safe and efficient working environment,Provide European Cup betting website with the highest oddsa strong basic guarantee for safety production。Second, we must solidly promote the optimization of the process,Persevere problem -oriented,Fully sort out safety production and operation management processes,For business pain points、Wasting point reasonable optimization process,and support the improvement system、Standard,Make management more efficient。Third, we must vigorously promote the launch of lean production.,Combined with the actual production safety,Project system as a carrier,Do a good job of brilliant resource mining design and optimization、Precision production organization and safety and lean management work; take improvement of proposals as a starting point,Do a good job of essential safety protection、Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteImprovement and optimization work at the production site,Putting the "essence" and "Yi" of lean production in implementation,Maximize the value、optimization。