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Release time: 2024-05-13   Author: Ling Zhida Coal Industry Wu Zhong Views:

       May 9,Member of the International Party Committee of Shanmei、Deputy General Manager Cao Junwen went to Ling Zhida Coal Industry to investigate and guide safe production work。Secretary of the Party Committee of Ling Zhida Coal Industry、Chairman Tian Weipeng and the person in charge of the relevant department accompanied。

       Cao Junwen went deep into the well under the well 15502 comprehensive mining work surface,Safety production of work head and face、On -site management、Equipment operation、Top plate support、The mining arrangement and the installation support of the door of the empty alleys were conducted on the spot.,Guidance on the operating process of the working surface at the scene,and exchanged on further strengthening safety production。

       Cao Junwen pointed out,Complex under the coal Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitemines,Personnel at all levels should strictly implement job responsibilities,Increase inspection and inspection strength,Strengthen on -site supervision,Real -time monitoring and controlling various safety risks,Do the safety work with the most powerful measures。First, we must conscientiously implement the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、Group Corporation's arrangements for safety production,Deeply learn from various accident lessons,In -depth investigation and rectification of hidden safety hazards,Reduce the impact of human factors on safety work。Second, we must actively and learn from the advanced ore pure water hydraulic bracket technology and the process of staying in the air.,From "Picking、Dig、Machine、Yun、Pass "and other links to improve and improve,Comprehensively improve the level of operation European Cup betting website with the highest oddsmanagement。Third, to conduct a solid research on the hidden disaster factors,Continuously refine and optimize governance measures,Do a good job of observation of fire prevention gas,Perform good fire prevention measures,Promoting water coordinated、gas、Fire and other types of disaster treatment。Fourth, do the work of "three defense" in the rainy season,To strictly implement the leading cadre with class and 24 -hour duty system,Pay close attention to the rain and flood love,Improve and perfect emergency plan,Strengthen the construction of emergency teams,Strengthen accident emergency drill,Ensure the safety of the mine。

       Cao Junwen emphasized,Ling Zhida Coal Industry must deeply recognize the importance of doing a good job of current work safety,Strictly implement "Party and Government Responsibility、One post and two responsibilities Free Bet on Euro 2024"," three tubes and three must "and" eight hard measures "and other work requirements,Consciously holding the responsibility of the main body of production safety,Fully compact leadership responsibilities、Regulatory responsibilities and job responsibilities,Implement various security measures,Go all the way to do a good job of work safety,Continuous maintenance and consolidation of good and stable good situation。