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Release time: 2024-05-13   Author: Jingfang Coal Industry Guo Yang Lutai Mountain Coal Industry Liu Xiaobing Views:

       May 8,Member of the International Party Committee of Shanmei、Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Baolong and his party went to Jingfang Coal Industry、Detective and Guidance of Lutai Mountain Coal Industry。

       Liu Baolong went deep into the Jingfang Coal Industry 3 -Corner 152 to conduct safety supervision inspections,Viewing the use of temporary support for working noodles on the spot,Performing the pre -tightening force and anchoring force of anchor rod,and asked a professional knowledge question to take a test of the driver of the comprehensive excavation machine。Liu Baolong emphasized,To strengthen the management of the carrier's head protection facilities and the management of European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe use of special suspension rings,Strictly implement operating procedures and operating processes。To further strengthen on -site standardization management,Putting for ingredients for omen、Development of civilized construction such as debris cleanup,Effectively improve the standardization management ability of the working surface。To strengthen occupational hazard prevention and safety risk recognition management,Improve the consciousness of prevention and control of employees' career hazards,Do a good job of dustproof during the operation、Anti -noise and other measures,Correctly wear protective supplies,Ensure that employees' physical health and on -site construction safety。

       Construction site on the ground construction site of Lutai Mountain Coal Industry,Liu Baolong checked the situation of the accessories of Free Bet on Euro 2024the accessories supermarket with the project,I heard the construction progress report,Requirements for construction safety。He emphasized,Construction units should strengthen the safety education and training of construction personnel,Effectively improve the understanding of the importance of safety protection,Strictly wear safety protection appliances in accordance with regulations。It is necessary to clearly divide the dangerous areas and the security area,Set obvious signs and security prompts,Ensure the safety of workers and surrounding pedestrians。Getting good engineering quality,Strictly follow the design drawings,Make sure that all the materials used in the materials used meet the standard requirements。

       Subsequent,Liu Baolong checked the construction of Zhang Laihu Innovation Studio,Acting on the spot for the Innovation Studio。Recommended European Cup match betting sitesHe pointed out,To give full play to the demonstration leading role of the innovative studio,Taking this as a platform to guide the majority of employees to participate in technological innovation work,Construction knowledge type、Skills、Innovative employee team,For the high -quality development of Shanmei International, Huizhi Gathering Power。