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       Recently,Jingfang Coal Industry Holding May Mine Safety Office in May,Manager、Mine Director Li Binsheng,Members of related production teams,Division、Participants of each team and subsidiaries participate。

       Will on the way,Participants watched the safety production warning education film; Li Binsheng conveyed Shanxi coking coal、The spirit of the recent security work conference of Shanmei International; Zhang Panfeng, deputy manager of security, notified the recent accidents in the country; various departments notified the safety work in April,and arranged the safety work Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitein May; the deputy managers of each in charge made arrangements for the next safety work。

       Meeting requirements,First, do the 20 essential safety protection work of Shishan Coal International,All kinds of lists in advance。Strengthen the improvement of all staff safety awareness,Education of enhanced class meeting,Actively promote employee behavior governance,Effectively curb the "three violations" occurred。Second, we must actively do a good job of self -rescue device blindly,Emergency disposal drill,To form normalization,Make sure the mineral ability of the mine。Further establish a big safety awareness,Strengthen extreme weather management,Do a good job of key areas for the ground、Factory、Old houses and equipment inspections,Preparation for cope in advance,Make Free Bet on Euro 2024sure safety。Third, it is necessary to strictly implement the unconventional operation site guarding and reporting process,Take effective measures,Ensure on -site safety production。Fourth, the Department of Geological Survey must take the lead in the water quality test of each mining surface of the Eight Cai District,Implement the implementation of long probe measures,Forested a water warehouse capacity,Ensure that the water discharge is safe and reliable。Five is to strictly strictly manage the quality management of underground projects,Strict control of the source of the material source acceptance access,Implement the acceptance system,Make sure the project quality is qualified。Six is ​​to continue to do a good job of hidden danger Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesinvestigation and management,Control standard,Excisible check,Strict prevention,Do not leave the gap、Do not leave dead ends,Continue to provide solid security for the company's high -quality development。