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       May 6,Shanmei International Holding the Security Council (expanded) meeting and general manager safety office meeting。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the meeting and spoke。Member of the Party Recommended European Cup match betting sitesCommittee、Deputy General Manager Cao Junwen chaired the meeting。The members of the company's leadership team arranged and emphasized the safety work of the system in charge。The heads of all departments of the organs and the person in charge of the merger branch attended the conference at the main venue,Sea Transport Branch and relevant personnel of various grassroots units attended the meeting at the video branch。

       The conference collectively learned the important speech and important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the education and education of party discipline and education,Watch the safety accident warning education film。Safety and Environmental Protection Management Department notified the first round of coal mine safety production centralized investigation and rectification operation、Major hidden dangers "look back" and the first quarter safety production standardization inspection and acceptance situation。The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee reported on the development of the party and government group collaborative safety inspection activities。Each professional department reports the safety work situation in April and the business security work plan in May。

       Payin China analyzed Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesthe current safety production situation and recent typical accident cases,From "Conversion of Heavy results,Fusion of party discipline learning and education,Improve the attitude and style of treatment of security "" The heavy effect appears,Grasp the transformation of beforehand,Powerful promotion of essential safety protection construction "" Re -implementation of implementation,Solve the shortcomings of the system for shortcomings,Powerful advance system measures have three aspects: work arrangement。He emphasized,Managers at all levels should improve political standing and overall consciousness,Taking a good job in the inspection and feedback issues of the State Council's Security Commission's supervision team and the rectification of the provincial disciplinary committee supervision and political supervision feedback issues as the specific action of party discipline learning and education,As an effective grabbing point that promotes the transformation of the security governance mode to the prevention transformation in advance,Fully prevent and resolve safety risks。To move the front of the safety style construction forward、Sinking the center of gravity,The body strives to transmit Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitethe extreme importance of safety work to the front -line employees,Unified thoughts with iron discipline and style、Unified action,Resolutely achieve knowledge and action、Ordering forbidden。The "leaders" of each unit must act effectively,Effectively improve the cognitive level of "the minimum of the minimum accident",Personal implementation of it、Supervise inspection、Perfect system,Resolutely eliminate the mistakes and slackness of work in the work with a chance。It is necessary to unswervingly implement 20 essential safety protection measures,Combining risk identification and accident case comparison reflection,Strengthen research and use、Continuous extension of innovation,Solve the management personnel from the root cause "cannot see、Unexpectedly、Can't control "question,Standardized personnel safety operation behavior,Effective improvement of the essence of the mine。

       Pay Zhonghua pointed out,All departments and units must deeply learn the lessons in the provincial safety accident during the "May 1st" period,Case of Toyota Corporation "One drop of oil" case,Use "5 why",Analysis from the source,Finding the cause of the roots。To give an anti -three investigation European Cup betting website with the highest oddssupport、Single Gavi、shuttle car、Three -connected ring of mining car、The reliability of the non -standard parts connection device such as the sale,New type、Innovative、Reliable ways to rectify。Do a good job of prevention from the source of the track,Strict standardization and control of the track,Strengthening safety operation tools and first -aid drugs。To use video screening to check against the "three violations",Key parts of the job site、Key links、Regular circulation operation、Unconventional homework, etc. for comprehensive video screening,At the same time, strengthen the training of "three violations" personnel,Effective training、True assessment,Enhance the employee compliance with the chapters、Consciousness and initiative of operating according to the chapter。To strengthen major disaster treatment,Stare for gas、Water、Fire、Top board、Transportation and other risks,Precision Geological Forecast Forecast,Risk research judgment in advance,Dynamic adjustment of control measures,firmly holding the bottom line of safety production。Be careful of the "three defense" work in the rainy season,Increase the collapse of extreme weather、Floor Free Bet on Euro 2024cracks、Passing frequency of the slope,Highlighting the old empty water、Pressure water、lying layer of water and surface water damage prevention and control,Strengthening disaster warning、Emergency duty and material guarantee,Ensure that employees' lives and property safety and enterprise safety and stability development。