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This year isCome, the coal industry of Jingfang is thoroughly implemented"Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept,Adhere to the principles of green mine construction that adheres to resource development and ecological harmony,Building"Model of High -quality Development Demonstration in the Group System" is the power,All cadres and employeesKeeping environmental protection red line,Pressing environmental protection responsibility,Strengthening environmental protection measures,Planting development background,Supporting high -quality development of enterprises with high standard environmental protection。


View the situation, understand the overall situation, and establish a safe and environmental idea.The companyAlways put environmental protection and safety in the same important positionYita"Can't let go of time" responsibility,Enhance the ideological consciousness and politics of improving environmental protection workConsciousness, Action ConsciouslyConstruction"New Coking Coal Supervision Systemleadership,Strengthening system construction,specification process management,Comprehensive implementation"Environmental Protection Eighth Level Opinion Responsibility System",Sort and improve the "end -to -end" flowchart,Determine at all levelsPersonnelEcological environmental protection work responsibilitiesCreate"Grasp environmental protection、Seeking truth and pragmatic grasp of environmental protection "strong atmosphere,CutRealImplementation withInstitutional Management and Process Management”。

High standards and strict requirements to ensure production organizationsPrecise.The companyConstruction You10seat storage tube warehouse,1 coal pupa Free Bet on Euro 2024warehouse、1 Zhong coal, coal mud warehouse,And supporting the construction of a fully closed closed leather belt corridor,Raw coal, etc., has achieved fully closed storage、Transfer Management。Strengthening coal transportation roads and other non -organization dust management,Equipped with a cleaning car、Sprinklewood vehicle does not take time to the transportation road,Construction car washing platform at the same time,Rinse the ore vehicle,Reduce vehicle transportation dust,Continue to keep the coal transportation clean and tidy。


Grasp the scene and fine management to ensure that the equipment is running well.The companyReinforcement measures,True Grabbing,Efforts to do demonstration on lean management and see results、Tree model。Take the opportunity to host Shanxi Coking Coal Lean Environmental Protection Council,Focus on creating a demonstration project of lean sewage treatment plant,Yita"6s" management is based,Classification of on -site items、Scientific placement,Clear logo,Available to see it、Easy to take、Easy to play,Strict standard lines in all areas of the scene,Set a warning logo,Clear creation functionOrder on the scene, use pictures for the operation steps+text display board display,After solid improvement,Formed a set of science、Free Bet on Euro 2024Operating、Simple、Ois visualization operation management system,greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of work。

Practice internal skills, strong skillsMake sureData collection is accurate.Square Coal Industry continues to strengthen professional team construction,Focus on cultivating professional and technical leaders,Forms a mutual learning、mutual help、A benign system for mutual promotion,Drive the overall improvement of environmental protection practitioners' business capabilities,Achieve water pollution、Analysis of atmospheric pollution data accurate processing,Effective governance。It is supported in the mining area9 pocket bag dust removal equipment,Broken sieve、Dust of Dust for Dust for governance,Treatment of dust -dehydrated and denitronic equipment for the installation of new building materials factories in the tunnel kiln of the new building material plant,And supporting the construction of flue gas online monitoring equipment,Monitor the discharge of pollutants in real time,Since the operation of operation,Granularity、sulfur dioxide、Nitrogen oxide realizes ultra -low emissions,Make an example and due contribution to regional air pollution treatment。


Grasp innovation, seek development, and cultivate new productive forces.In terms of mine water Recommended European Cup match betting sitestreatment,Continue to promote the comprehensive utilization of mine water,Construction You2 -seater mine water treatment station, 3 seatsDaily Sewage Treatment Station,Full treatment of sewage in the mining area,ComprehensiveBuild a sewage treatment plant as the axis"Drainage under the well -sewage treatment -clean water reckless" wastewater use cycle mechanism。Wash in the raw coal,There is one of the supporting construction90,000 tons of coal selection plants, a 18010,000 -ton coal selection plant, the coal selection plant adopts heavy agency+Floating process,Concentrated control of the main process process,Recycling in all plants in the clay、Coal washing water closed cycling,The effect of cleaning production is obvious。The companyCareful implementation"Essential Coal Win" strategy,Reform the existing clay flotation system of the coal selection plant,At that time, the clay ash score can reach 65%-70%,Realize the reduction of clay products,significantly increases the recovery rate of fine coal,Improve the level of corporate economic benefits and the technical management level of coal selection plant。In the use of coal vermiculite。Always persist"Comprehensive use of solid waste, green circulation development" concept,Investment construction is available for annual production65 million new building materials factories for coal gangsters bricks,Turning waste into treasure,Effectively solved the problem of pollution of coal vermiculite to the environment,In 2023, a total of more than 3,000 coal gangs bricks were produced、Consumption of 110,000 tons of coal vermiculite,New building material plant becomes a demonstration point for comprehensive utilization of local coal vermiculite。