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Spring and Summer Excise,Walking into Ling Zhida Coal Industry Mining Area,Looking up is a blue sky and white cloud,Green Grass Yin Yin,The pond is a koi campaign,Blue Sky and Blue Water Green Tree is gradually becoming a bright background of Ling Zhida coal industry,This old state -owned enterprise that lasted more than half a century,is using green as ink、Taking ecology as a pen,Drawing a new picture of modern coal companies。

Hit good"Blue Sky Defense War"Make the air in the mining area fresher

Forest sponge extension,Qunshan Die Cui。Every sunny weather,Ling Zhida’s sky is just like washing,Fresh and moving in the entire mining area,Can't feel the slightest. This is a company that produces coal。The retired employees who are exercising in the comfort garden are bathed in the bright rising sun,I feel emotional:"These years,The sky in our mining area seems to be more and more blue,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteThe environment is getting better and better,It is no longer gray! "


Improvement of the quality of the air environment,Employees who work in the company for most of their lives are particularly profound。and the achievements of these achievements,is the company's strong investment in environmental improvement。Ling Zhida Coal IndustryA number of pollution weather warning systems have been formulated,Carry out the management and control of diesel trucks participating in the mining area,Key elimination"National Five" below coal transportation vehicles,Gradually increase the proportion of the "National Six" standard to the new energy vehicle。Input special funds to replace the special railway coal windproof and dust suppression net,so as to effectively isolate in the production area and living area,and use it with the water spraying equipment in the coal yard to use,windproof and dust suppression efficiency is about 40%-60%,The suppression rate of coal dust dust will reach more than 90%。


Improvement of the environment,Not only reflected in the personal experience of employees,It is also reflected in the hard core changes of monitoring data。Monitor the changes in air quality in real time,Ling Zhida Coal Industry has invested hundreds of thousands of yuan,Installation and construction in key sections4 sets of no organization dust online environmentMonitoring and monitoring system,Air quality within the company's range、humidity、Dust、Noise,PM value perIntegrated supervision. Disable all coal -fired boilers, put into use3 Power Boiler implements centralized heating,Satisfy the heating of "two halls and one house"、Demand for anti -freezing and bathhouse bathing in Jingkou,In the non -heating season,Make full use of the mine to provide hot water for the bathhouse heating and bathing,eliminating nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas、sulfur dioxide、Eat Free Bet on Euro 2024emissions of pollutants such as smoke and dust。Add spray and fog devices for coal storage warehouses,Unified dispatching command for the dust suppressing vehicle,Increase spray、Frequent water,Therefore, to minimize the pollution of coal dust to air,Effectively improved the air quality in the mining area。

If you have action, you will change,Governance,Everyone discovered in surprise,The kind of gray of the past、The phenomenon of darkness is getting farther and farther away from us,Blue Sky and White Cloud gradually become the protagonist in the field of vision。

Hit good"Battle of the Water",Make the mining area more vibrant

Sunshine West Sink,Yu Hua obliquely shines in the park pond,Positive Light,Fish in the water to play with diet and play,Occasionally jump or vomit,The smart picture allows this to haveOld ore with a history of more than 70 years is more vibrant.


The environment is beautiful,The key depends on water,Good water ecology is the finishing touch of the mine environment。To steadily promote water pollution prevention and control,Ling Zhida Coal Industry vigorously promotes the use of mine water reuse project,Investment construction processing ability is4200m3/d Mine water treatment station and processing capacity with 1000m3/d living sewage treatment station,Mine water is clearly clarified+mechanical filtration+precision filtration+ultrafiltration+activated carbon filtration+disinfection treatment,Water quality of the section of the section reaches the three types of water quality standards in the "National Water Environmental Quality Standard",The processed water can be used for employee bath、Fire dust removal、Place greening、Road pouring,It can also be used for coal washing plant production water,At the same time, the sludge of the domestic sewage treatment station is rich in a large amount of organic matter,It can also be used as the main fertilizer of Yanshishan Recommended European Cup match betting sitesvegetation after governance,so as to achieve cycle use,The purpose of becoming a treasure into treasure。Comprehensive implementation of outer drainage ecological comprehensive governance project,Investing in the mining environmental governance recovery fund for more than 3 million yuan to dredging the 280m river in the mining area、Anti -seepage、Building dam、Extension and other remediation projects,By vigorously transforming the safe operation of water storage and medium water discharge projects by vigorous transformation,It will also further improve the ecological environment along the river,Really realized the clear and clear water bodies。

Night coming,Chinese lantern first,The booming grass and trees are breaking the soil,The majority of cadres and employees stroll on both sides of the river,I feel more than just relaxed, comfortable, casual and comfortable,More longing for a better life。

Hit good"Pure Land Defense War", make the scenery in the mining area more beautiful

Waste disposal is environmental protection"Hard Bone"。To solve this problem,Ling Zhida Coal Industry carefully studied and learned from the advanced experience of other units,Scientific formulation pollution prevention plan,Continue to carry out the "Division Action",Construction of the disposal and storage point for construction of hazardous waste items,Continuously strengthen the production of hazardous waste、Collection、Storage、Transfer、All -process monitoring of disposal,Timely eliminating hidden environmental safety hazards。At the same time,The company actively fulfills the obligations of the mining environmental recovery governance,The first phase of the ecological governance of Lao Dongling has been completed、Phase II、Lao Dongling Yanshi Farm Extermination、Old Industrial Plaza Ecological Recovery and Management and other projects related to the development of Free Bet on Euro 2024corporate development and social impact。Current,A total of more than 1,300 million yuan has been invested,The area of ​​reclamation land has reached 47688.65m2,Restore more than 30 acres of cultivated land,Farewell to the horizontal flow of Slotter Mountain Wastewater、Coal Dust "Old Change"。


To ensure the continuous improvement of dust pollution control,Ling Zhida Coal Industry persistence does not change,The strength is not reduced,Continuously increasing the coal transport car in the mining area、Standard car、Foodwood car、Precision governance of garbage transport vehicles,Make sure the vehicle is covered with strict coverage,Do not throw it、No soil、Claudier on the road。Construction and installation of smart vehicle cleaning platforms,Clean the vehicle in and out of the mining area,Reduce the dust pollution of the vehicle to the road,The governance of Pure Land"Last Mile"。Construction workshop in the mining area、Materials stacking fields and other places Strictly implement effective enclosure、Cover、Sprinkle and other measures,Resolutely put an end to the open -air storage。At the same time,The problem of coal dust that is easy to generate for coal ground transportation and reprint points,Set the corresponding dust removal facilities and spray sprinkler devices,Efficiency reaches 98%,To ensure the effects of effectively control the pollution of coal and dust to land。

With the continuous improvement of the quality of the ecological environment,Let the green high -quality develop into the most beautiful background,It has gradually become the common wish and action of Ling Zhida cadres and employees。If you can stand in the cloud,Overlooking Ling Zhida,Green is becoming the background of his development,Green trees are rolling and undulating,The building is staggered,large and small、Yellow and green grass and flowers like scattered pearls,Free Bet on Euro 2024Link in series,is a beautiful landscape。

Hit good"Ecological Defense War", make the mining employees happier

To further enhance the company’s environment,Ling Zhida Coal Industry is fully implemented"Garden" mining area construction,See sewing green、See sewing set,Constantly broaden green space,"Push the window to see green、See the scene when you go out、People are really integrated into everyone's life,The real realization of the mining area as a scenic area,Let the park change attractions。


SelfSince 2023,The company not only improves the mining area park,Also planned and built several 10 flower planting areas,Parks in the mining area、Main Road、More than 4,000 tulip breeding balls on both sides of the Auxiliary Road,More than 30 species of other trees and flowers。Enter the park,Tulip、White Magnolia、Apricot Li、Peach Blossom、Sakura、apricot blossom、Forsythia and pear blossoms and other fighting gams,Competition bloom,It is filled with elegant and charming floral fragrance,presents a beautiful scene everywhere。

A good ecological environment is the company's biggest advantage and development potential,According to statistics,Ling Zhida Coal Industry can have a green area35%or more,Per capita park green space is 4.1 square meters,More than 10 kinds of birds in the company,Among them, there are many national levels above the second level of protection birds,This series of data is exactly the company's strict environmental protection red line、The vivid footnote of building a green mine。


Today Ling Zhida looks like a huge mining area garden,The majority of cadres and employees push the window to see green,Go out to see the garden,Living in "Spring has flowers、Summer has green、Autumn is fruit、The beautiful mining area of ​​the winter,Enjoy livable、Yiye、Poetry life。