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       April 24,Chang Guangwei, Chief Economic Division of Shanmei International, participated in the Junior Gender Work Meeting of Jingfang Coal Industry。The meeting summarized and notified the recent lean work of Jingfang Coal Industry,Arrange the work task of deploying the next stage of deployment。Each professional department of Jingfang Coal Industry reports the work of the full process of "end -to -end",Members of Shanmei Free Bet on Euro 2024International Lean Management Department and the Jingfang Coal Industry Team made a comment one by one。

       Chang Guangwei pointed out,Free Bet on Euro 2024Deep understanding the importance and necessity of lean management in Shanxi coking coal,Focus on the "end -to -end" full -process lean management demonstration model creation work,Adhere to the concept of "system built on the process",Problem -oriented,Blocking point of daily core work、Difficult point is cutting entrance,Discover "problem points" and "waste points" through process analysis,Precise optimization、Accurate perfect,Find the core。WantUse the "Elemental Control" tool,By analyzing management elements such as "Comprehensiveness Free Bet on Euro 2024of Information Mastering" and "Control Responsibility" of various processes nodes,Analyze the necessity of the process node,Optimized based on this as a basis,Simultaneously grasp process optimization and system perfection,Make the system and process matching with each other、complement each other。WantAdhering to the "empty cup" mentality to promote various tasks,Thinking more、Learn more、Multiple summary,Use the concept of lean goblin,Continuous innovation working method,Practical improvement of execution ability,Create a benchmark on the effectiveness of lean management、Make a demonstration。