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       April 24,Secretary of the board of directors of Shanmei International Li Yanying to Chunxing Coal Industry、Hanjiawa Coal Industry Research Performance Management Work。The main person in charge of the mine reports performance management、Business indicators and standardized operations。Shanmei International Enterprise Management Department interprets the overall ideas and methods of PBC performance European Cup betting website with the highest oddsmanagement management in 2024。

       Li Yanying pointed out,To fully quote the deep PBC performance management mode,Set the assessment index、Key work recognition、Process and control is the starting point,Break "high -level large pot rice",Implement differentiated sub -sectional assessment incentives,To achieve the integration of organizational goals and personal goals,Double improvement of operating performance and management capabilities。To comprehensively promote performance management change,Continuous optimization assessment system,Scientific and reasonable setting assessment indicators,Enhance the scientific and preciseness of performance European Cup betting website with the highest oddsassessment,Improve grass -roots service efficiency through performance empowerment,Pay attention to performance communication and process counseling,Continuous improvement of mine performance level。Strict implementation of the "Ten Red Line" in the international norms of Shanmei,The supervision requirements of listed companies are guided,Enhance the standard operating consciousness of all units in all units,Improve the level and ability of standardized operation,Building the company's high -quality development foundation。