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       April 15,Shanmei International Holds Lean Management Video Working Examples in the first quarter。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the meeting and speak。All professional departments、Participants and grass -roots mines attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Chang Guangwei, the General Economic Division of Shanmei International。

       The meeting conveyed the overall deployment of Shanxi coking coal on lean management,Objectively summarizing the progress of the first quarter work of Shanmei International,Active key work tasks have been arranged。Chang Guangwei emphasizes how to do a good job of the next lean management。Jingfang Coal Industry、Holxinhe Coal Industry、Changchun Xing Coal Industry has made a work report as a representative of the mine。

       Paid China emphasized,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteIt is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the development of new quality productive for new quality,Take high -quality development as the primary task and direction of force,Deeply thinking about promoting lean management and helping enterprises in the internal connection between the development of new quality of new quality,Focus on innovation、Perfect、Transformation、Reform、Green and other key combination points,From the perspective of management, it is the first to give birth to new productive forces。We must continue to advance in depth,Summary experience、Establish a typical、Creating features,Create a benchmark on the effectiveness of lean management、Make a demonstration,Contribute more wisdom and strength to the group company to accelerate the construction of world -class coking coal -to -coking coal companies。

       Recommended European Cup match betting sitesRequirements to China,Recommended European Cup match betting sitesPromoting process optimization solidly。We must focus on the "end -to -end" full -process lean management demonstration model creation work,Adhere to the concept of "system built on the process",In -depth identification diagnostic business process wasted in the business process,Simultaneously grasp process optimization and system perfection,Make the system and process match with each other、complement each other。Two isContinue deepening on -site management。The "Organization、Rectification、Cleaning "working level,alignment standard,Do it carefully,Especially to eliminate the "blind zone" on -site management,Continue consolidating and expanding the on -site management results。Three isMake fine innovation projects。Professional systems、Each mine should focus on cost management Recommended European Cup match betting sitesand control and efficiency improvement,Management of Jingjingbian Innovation Project,Promoting the main responsibility of the main business to strengthen the best,Strengthening the industrial chain collaborative linkage。Four isIn -depth promotion of viewing board management。Pay attention to data accumulation and analysis,Find the law,Find the question,Precise optimization,Give full play to the management of the viewing board in pulling production、Active role in improving efficiency,Constantly improving the level of modernization management。