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Release time: 2024-04-15   Author: Guo Xingjiang, Shanmei International Technology Center Views:

       In -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the development of new productivity,On the morning of April 13,Shan Coal International entrusts the China Coal Industry Association to identify the results of 3 technology projects。Yang Yanqun, Director of Shanxi Coking Coal Technology Center、Deputy Director Li Lidong,Deputy General Manager of Sand Coal International、General Engineer Han Lei,Shanmei International Technology Center and the project implementation unit participated in the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Cao Guangming, Director of the Science and Technology Development Division of the China Coal Industry Association。

       The appraisal committee is composed of well -known Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesdomestic Recommended European Cup match betting sitesexperts。The participating experts carefully listened to the detailed report of the project unit,Analysis of analysis by demonstration,Think that one result has reached the international leading level,1 results reached international advanced level,1 results reached domestic advanced level。Where,"Key Technologies and Demonstration Projects of Demonstration Protection Protection Protection Protection Protection Protection Protection and Demonstration Projects" of "Adding Injusculation Coordinated Green Mining and Buildings" reached the international leading level,This project revolves around Shanxi coking coal and brilliant strategic layout,For the problem of overwing resource problems for the construction (structure) of the Holx Hexin coal industry (structure),After nearly 4 years of science and technology research and technology iterative update,Established the theory of Sinking European Cup betting European Cup betting website with the highest oddswebsite Free Bet on Euro 2024with the highest oddsControl Control of Sinking Sinking Filling Filling Table,Developed multi -source solid waste green grouting filling materials and grouting filling intelligent control system,Research and Development of Sading Control -oriented Technology Craft Technology Technology Technology,Building (structure) building movement deformation digital wisdom dynamic warning protection technology,The transformation from some coal columns from "eating" to all coal pillars,The high -efficiency recovery of the "three under" overwriting resources and the large -scale use of coal -based solid waste are used out of the new path。

       Han Lei said,Shanmei International will continue to improve the scientific and technological innovation system,Cooperation in industry -university -research、Scientific research fund management use、Construction of science and technology talent team、Project results evaluation and promotion Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteFree Bet on Euro 2024of new model,Strengthen original leading technology technology,Accelerate the realization of development methods green low carbon transformation。Surrounding green mining、Symposium and other strategic layouts,Large -scale use of coal vermiculite for large -scale utilization,Persist in green production,Enhance the high -quality development of new kinetic energy with new productivity。