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Release time: 2024-04-15   Author: Propaganda Department Free Bet on Euro 2024of the Party Committee of Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitethe International Office of Coal Views:

       April 12,The supervision and feedback of the State Council's Security Committee held in Shanxi Coking Coal Supervision and Rectification and Implementation of the Special Meeting of Rectification and Implementation of the Third (Expanded) Meeting of the Group Company,Deputy Secretary Free Bet on Euro 2024of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China immediately organized a special meeting of rectification and rectification of the supervision and feedback issues of the State Council's Security Commission.,Examine and analyze rectification measures,deployment implementation to accelerate the enhancement degree,Against one to ensure every opinion、Each problem is not folded, or the rectification is in place。

       Fu China pointed out,Free Bet on Euro 2024Stand on firm defending the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the political height of "two maintenance",Effectively unify the mind and action to General European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSecretary Xi Jinping's important Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteexposition and instructions for safety production,Deep understanding of the purpose of the purpose of it、Dialectic thinking、System concept and scientific methods,In -depth implementation of the "Opinions on Further Strengthening Mining Work Safety" and "Regulations on the Safety Production of Coal Mine" and other institutional regulations,Use absolute methods and measures to ensure absolute safety。Second is to promote rectification and implementation at full speed.Do it not be able to implement the supervision team of the Security Committee of the State Council、The deployment requirements of the group company,"Looking back"、Careful grasp of the feedback issues and rectification and implementation as an important political task,Professional departments and mining subjects must be strictly grasped and done well,According to the requirements of "Grasp the Big Pipe",Reflection Comparison,Against three,Implement in place with Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesthe maximum Free Bet on Euro 2024determination and fastest speed rectification。Third is to improve the concept of safety management.To promote the transformation of safety governance mode to prevent transformation in advance,Improve and perfect safety risk recognition、Research and judgment、Warning、Defense、Disposal and responsibility "six mechanisms",Continue to carry out hidden dangers investigation and rectification,Increase the governance of hidden disaster factors,Improve risk monitoring and early warning and disposal ability。Fourth is to actively change the work style.The target should be based on the effectiveness of consolidating and expanding supervision work,It is responsible for improving the level of safe production in essence,Active performance、Responsible,Do it immediately、True style of work hard to implement,Realize the prevention of preventing the precedent with the dead sheep synchronized,Short -term rectification and long -term results Free Bet on Euro 2024coordination,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitePromote high -quality development and high -level security and benign interaction、complements each other。Five is the long -term effect of the symptoms and treatment.Hold up and improve the institutional level、Strict execution、Comprehensive rectification,Focus on common problems and characteristics problems,Find the root、Measures、Strong implementation,Further improve the safety responsibility system,Forms up and down linkage、Grabbing together、A good pattern for promoting co -promoting,Establish safety、Stability、Long -term mechanism to promote development,Make every effort to ensure the stability of the safe production situation,In order to accelerate the construction of a world -class coking coking coal company to escort、Add brick and sauce。