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       April 2,Shan Coal International Party Committee held a work promotion meeting to build a "New Coking Coal Supervision System",In -depth implementation of the spirit of the group company and Shanmei International comprehensive and strict party and party style and clean government work Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesspirit,Free Bet on Euro 2024Persevere problem -oriented、Target -oriented、Results -oriented,"Promotion of full management level、Expansion of the entire business field "Great Supervision System for re -deployment and implementation。Zhao Yanyu, full -time deputy secretary of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Yang Junwang Prested the meeting。General Manager Jiao Hao arranges special rectification and rectification work in key areas。Zhang Jun, the leader of the Fourth Supervision Team of Shanxi Coking Coal Comprehensive Supervision Center, attended the meeting。

       Meeting to point out,The construction of a new coking coal supervision system is the party committee of the group company to implement the 20th spirit of the party、Promote the improvement of active innovation and beneficial attempts of the party and state supervision system,is "Effectiveness of Management、Effects with technology、Effects with capital、Major strategic deployment of supervision and efficiency ",Leading cadres at all levels should effectively improve their political standing,Improve ideological understanding,Enhance work initiative and consciousness。To anchor the target task,Persevere Free Bet on Euro 2024problem -oriented,Deep dug some European Cup betting website with the highest oddscadres "unwilling to do、Dare to do it、The root cause of the problem,Following the problem、Analysis of the cause、Improvement and improvement in rectification solution。We must firmly establish the correct view of power perception of power,The spirit of conservation struggle,Enhanced struggle skills,Dare to touch the truth and touch hard,Courage to overcome difficulties,Effectively maintain the fundamental interests of enterprises and employees。Be good at learning from good experience and practices,Long -term tonic,Is there any interoperability,Create work characteristics and highlights。

       Meeting requirements,Grass -roots mining plants must adhere to target -oriented,Deducting the "Four Responsibilities" liability chain,Forming party organizations at all levels、Disciplinary Inspection Institutions、Members and functional departments of the leadership team performed their duties、Each responsibility、Coordination and cooperation、A good situation of Tongli Cooperation。The party organization should implement the responsibility of "general management",Strengthen organizational leadership,Strengthen responsibility,Incorporate the construction of the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteoverall supervision system into Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe overall work layout,Intellectible to the annual key task,Make sure to catch the work and business work in both hands、Two Promotion。Disciplinary inspection agencies should implement the responsibility of "mastering the supervisor",Persist in holding supervision in front,Assisting party organizations at the same level to build a large supervision system、Promote good。The functional department should implement the responsibility of "directly grasping and direct management",Adhere to the "management business must be supervised、The principle of preventing risks must be prevented by the management business,Effectively integrate supervision into the important aspects of this business and the management level of each management,Strengthening before -before、In the event、After the full process supervision,"The first line of defense" to keep business supervision。The members of the leadership team should implement the responsibility of "one post and two responsibilities",While doing a good job in the business work in charge of the area, the construction of the supervision system in charge of the division area,Promote various work measures to be implemented、See the effectiveness。

       Conference emphasized,All units and departments Free Bet on Euro 2024must adhere to the result orientation,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteManage the completion of the target task with a strong process to manage the target task。Being follow -up questions、Evaluation Evaluation、Her efforts on the long -term mechanism,Construction of the supervision inspection through the new coking coal supervision system,Through daily inspection、Special supervision and other methods,Realize the effect of tracking from top to bottom。To improve the evaluation and evaluation mechanism,Promotion of combined with performance assessment changes,Formulate and improve the measurement method of improving quality and efficiency。To fully find the vulnerabilities in the system and obstacles in the system and mechanism,Establish and improve the rules and regulations for risk prevention and control mechanisms and pragmatic management,Constantly promoting the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteoverall supervision system to achieve new progress and new results,Provide high -quality supervision guarantee for the high -quality development of the enterprise。

       Shanxi Coking Coal Comprehensive Supervision Center Party Style and Clean Government Supervision Specialist,Shanmei International Discipline Inspection Commission、The Party Committee Inspection Office、Coal European Cup betting website with the highest oddsQuality European Cup betting website with the highest oddsManagement Center、Relevant personnel of the Great Supervision Center,"First Leader"、Deputy Secretary of the Party Organization、Full -time Supervision Commissioner、Discipline Inspection and Supervision Cadres,and washing、Sales、Leaders and departments in charge of the fields and other fields attended the meeting。The relevant person in charge made a exchange speech at the meeting。