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       April 2,Shanmei International held 2024 comprehensive and strict party governance party, party style and clean government construction work meeting。Secretary of the board of directors of coking coal coke in Shanxi、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun attended and spoke。Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Yang Junwang Review and Summary 2023 Monitoring and Supervision,Arrange 2024 key tasks。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Chunghwa Hosted Meeting。

       The meeting is guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively implemented the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission、The Fourth Plenary Session of the 12th Discipline Inspection Commission and the spirit of strict governance of the party and party style and clean government construction work conference in the 12th Plenary Session of the 12th Discipline Inspection Commission,Summary work,Analysis of the situation,Recommended 2024 European Recommended European Cup match betting sitesCup Betting SitesClear task,firmly promoting the party、Party style and clean government construction and anti -corruption struggle develop in depth,Create first -class for the international coal international、Create a benchmark to provide strong political and disciplinary guarantee。

       Meng Jun emphasized,The important idea of ​​General Secretary Xi Jinping on the party's self -revolution must,Improve political standing,Promotation of ideological understanding,Deep understanding that comprehensive and strict governance of the party is the great practice of the party's self -revolution in the new era,Fully understand the first -class governance of the party as the international coal international competition、The inevitable requirements of creating benchmark,Deep understanding of comprehensive and strict governance of the party is a specific manifestation of caring for party members and cadres,13873_13896。

       Meng Jun promoted the work of comprehensively and strictly governing the party and party style and clean government,Make work deployment of "six always persistence"。Recommended European Cup match betting sitesAlways adhere to political construction。Strengthening theory learning,Consolidate and expand theme education results,Deepen the implementation of the "first issue" system,Consciously applying new ideas to the work of comprehensively strictly governing the party and party style and clean government。Focus on political supervision,Solidly conducting full supervision、Follow -up Supervision、Normal Supervision,Make sure the Party Central Committee、The decision -making deployment and implementation of the higher -level party committee。Political life within the party,Strictly implement democratic centralized system、"Three Meetings and One Lesson" and other systems,Enhance the political nature of life within the party、Battle、Principles、Battle。Two isAlways adhere to one -piece promotion of "three non -rot"。In terms of "dare not rot",To persist in the Forbidden Area、Full coverage、zero tolerance,Highlighting problems in key areas to investigate and punish,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesResolutely Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesdiscover it together、Strict check together、Repair together。In terms of "cannot rot",To strengthen the construction of an enterprise compliance system,Accelerate the reconstruction of management business processes,Strictly grasp the rigid execution of the system,Make sure to fulfill the responsibilities of the system、Exercise power、Work。In terms of "don't want to rot",Be sure to do a good job of disciplinary construction、Warning education、Construction of integrity culture,Effectively improve the consciousness of discipline and rules of party members and cadres。Three isAlways insist on the efficiency of the supervision。Deepening system construction,Further improve the unified leadership of the party committee、Comprehensive coverage、Authoritative and efficient supervision system,Fully integrate various supervision resources,Passing into the enterprise governance、Business Management,"Promoting the full management level、Deepening and expansion of the entire business field "achieved real results。Strengthen smart supervision,According to "Integration、Autonomous、Innovation ideas,Accelerate the development and function of smart supervision platform module,Promote big data、Effective use of informatization in the supervision process,Improve platform analysis ability,Really built a demonstration model。Strengthen penetrating supervision,Manage the full -time supervision commissioner team,Carry out special training,Establish an incentive mechanism,Focus on political ecology、"Three Resort and One Big" decision、Correct the "Four Winds" and other all -round、Supervision of the whole process。Strengthen special governance,Earnestly organizes the selection and safety and environmental protection、Material adoption、Bidding Management、Project Construction "1+4" key areas for special rectification,Solving the problem in the bud state。Strengthen supervision and efficiency,Adhere to the target -oriented、Free Bet on Euro 2024Question orientation、Results -oriented,European Cup betting website with the highest oddsPromoting supervision and lean management、Safety production、In -depth integration of business management。Four isAlways insist on rectifying the "four winds" without shaking。Perseverance to implement the eight regulations of the central government and the spirit of its implementation rules,Strictly rectifying hedonism、The phenomenon of hidden mutation and formalism hidden behind the work、bureaucracy,The strong signal of the continuous release, the more stricter signal,Urges party members and cadres to use real effort in work effectiveness。Resolutely rectify the "micro -corruption" around the masses,Promote the extension of comprehensive and strict governance of the party to the grassroots,Continuously enhance the sense of obtaining the masses、Happiness sensation、Safety。Five isAlways insist on grasping "key minority" without shaking。Promoting the focus of supervision,Comprehensively implement the Party Central Committee、The requirements of the superior party committee on strengthening the "first leader" and supervision of the leadership team,Strict "Ten Red Line" "Ten Band"。Use the supervision method,Mentorized supervision survey、Special inspection,A targeted strengthening of office conversation and warning education,Scientific use of "four forms" to correct the right direction、Prevent micro -Du Jie。Increase the accountability,Must be asked for insisting on loss、accountability will be strict,To promote the implementation、Promotion Execution,Ensure that the company's party committee decision -making deployment is consistent、Implementation。Six isAlways insist on compacting the "two responsibilities" without shaking。Party organizations at all levels must earnestly fulfill the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party,Further improve the list of responsibilities,Refined work tasks,Integrate the party's leadership into all aspects of the company's governance,Promote the extension of comprehensive and strict governance Recommended European Cup match betting sitesof the party to the grassroots、European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSeeing effective at the grassroots level。Discipline inspection departments at all levels must accurately grasp the positioning of the "supervision responsibility" of the party and strictly govern the party,Urges the party organization to integrate the party's political responsibility into daily performance,Strengthen the linkage collaboration between discipline inspection and supervision and various supervision,Promote the "two responsibilities" of the same frequency resonance。To strengthen the role of the inspection and sword,Promoting work standardized construction,Liech up and down to run through internal inspections,The use of system strengthening rectification results,Do the "second half of the article"。To strengthen the target responsibility assessment,Strengthening the daily survey of the implementation of responsibility、Individual guidance and supervision assessment,Forms a target responsibility letter signed from the beginning of the year,Dynamic tracking in the middle of the year,Closed management of comprehensive evaluation at the end of the year。

       Yang Junwang summarized from three aspects and reviewed the effectiveness of the company's 2023 age inspection and supervision work.,Fully promote the construction of the system; the second is to adhere to the righteousness of the wind and discipline,solidly promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party; the third is to strengthen team building,Fully build disciplinary inspection and supervision Iron Army。His important idea of ​​General Secretary Xi Jinping's self -revolution in the party,Combined with the situation task faced by the company,Proposed 2024 years of inspection and supervision work must be empowering forces forces、On the improvement of the quality of the smart supervision, the tree model,Continue to righteousness、Throughout the advancement of the party in depth, seek effective results,Persist in strict love、Continuously creating the wind and clearing the aggregate force,Clarified the strengthening of political European Cup betting website with the highest oddsleadership、Recommended European Cup match betting sitesThe overall situation of service development、Persist in strict tone、Grasp the key minority、Houzhi is the nostalgia for the people、Six tasks such as carrying forward the spirit of the struggle follow,and arrange political supervision in detail、System Construction、Perseverance accountability、Cadre style、Team building and other five key tasks。

       Fu China will implement the spirit of the conference to put forward three requirements,First, through collective learning、Hold a special meeting and other methods,Quickly implement the spirit of this meeting into all party members、Cadre,Condensing ideological consensus and action synergy。The second is to focus on the annual key work tasks,Clarify the "timetable", "roadmap", "responsible person",Ensure that the construction of the party's style and clean government and the business work will be exerted the same as、One implementation。Third, to build a long -term mechanism,Effectively integrate supervision work into the entire process of corporate governance,Effectively improve the quality and efficiency of supervision and governance,Creating first -class for the company、Create a benchmark to provide strong political and disciplinary guarantee。

       Will on the way,Meng Jun signed the "Responsibility Letter of the Organization of Party Style and Clean Government Construction" on behalf of the Party Organization Secretary of the Shanmei International Party Committee on behalf of Shanmei International Party Committee。

       Hold in the form of video。​​Member of the Leading Team of Shanmei、Shanxi Coking Coal Comprehensive Supervision Center in the company's fourth supervision group party style and clean government supervision specialist、Each departments (center) of the Shanmei International Organs、Party Organization Secretary of the Sub -Branch and the grassroots coal mine、Discipline Inspection Commissioner、The leader of the full -time supervisory commissioner and the grass -roots party organization secretary of the trade branch attended the conference at the main venue;、Members and departments of various grassroots units、Discipline Inspection and Supervision European Cup betting website with the highest oddsCadres、Full -time Supervision Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesSpecialist at the Video Branch。