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       March 27,Shanmei International Holding April 2024 Self -Production Coal Sales Plan Meeting,Secretary of the Party Branch of the Sales Branch、Manager Li Peng chaired the meeting。Shanmei International Financial Management Center、Coal Quality Management Center、Members of the Sales Branch Team、Participants Recommended European Cup match betting sitesin charge of sales at each Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesproduction and mine plant。

       The meeting heard the completion of the production and sales of each unit in March and the selection sales plan in April,Analysis and judgment on the trend of the coal market。Meeting to point out,For the recent coal market trend,All units must be closely coordinated and coordinated,Timely adjust the sales strategy,Fully guarantee the normal production of coal mines,Make sure to complete various task indicators。

       Li Peng pointed out,Sales Branch and coal mines to strengthen communication,Adjust sales strategy in time,Actively visit customers,Timely understanding of end customer procurement needs,To grasp the right European Cup betting website with the highest oddsto Free Bet on Euro 2024market words。It is necessary to clear the production and washing plan of each mining plant,Precise formulation of monthly commodity coal sales policy,Guarantee stability of the production and sales of each coal mine。Keep and break down key tasks such as "Integration and Trade Lienity and Creation",Strictly control the quality of the coal of goods,Improve customer satisfaction and after -sales service level,Ensure the steady development of marketing work。