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       March 26,Shanmei International Expert Group went to Donggu City Coal Industry to conduct a special consultation of "One Link and Three Defense"。The expert group strictly controls the inspection standard,Tightly surround the ventilation system of the coal industry of East Ancient City、Fireburn system、Dust Prevention and other majors,Through on -site inspection、Check Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe Free Bet on Euro 2024information,Perform full coverage of "one pass, three defense" work。

       At the notation,The expert group notified the hidden dangers of this inspection,and put forward rectification requirements and work opinions for targeting。Expert group pointed out,East Ancient City Coal Industry should be awake and understand the current severe situation,Improve political standing,Highlights,Strengthen safety management,Effectively do a good job of prevention of mine accidents。To implement the responsibility effectively,Layer -layer forces,Ensure that the "one pass and three defense" work is carried out smoothly。To strengthen anti -fire Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteand fire management,Strictly implement the measures Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesand control measures for preventing and extinguishing fireproofing,Resolutely prevent accidents。

       East Ancient City Coal Industry said,The requirements of the expert group will be carefully implemented,Continue to improve weak links、The rectification of key nodes,Grab the basic work,Make sure that the operation of the large system is safe and stable,Promoting the steady and orderly production work safety work。