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Release time: 2024-03-26   Author: Party Committee Propaganda Department Views:

       In the afternoon of March 25,The Central Party Committee of Shanmei International Party Committee (enlarged) holds a collective learning meeting。Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Coking Coal、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun presided over the meeting and spoke。Member of the Leading Team of Shanmei、The person in charge of each department、Secretary of the Party branch of the organ、Members of the Square Branch attended the meeting at the main European Cup betting website with the highest oddsvenue; members of the grass -roots mining factories (company) teams、The person in charge of the department attended the meeting at the video branch。

       The conference watched the hosted by General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted the new era to promote the promotion of the emergence of the central region to the promotion of the promotion of the emergence of the central region,Members of the Party Committee Central Team received the main points of work report on the work report of the two conferences of the country、The spirit of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee、Shanxi coking coal 2024 comprehensively and strictly strictly govern the party and party style and clean government construction work conference.。

       Meng Jun emphasized,Always be a loyal practitioner of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Confinement to compose a new chapter of high -quality development。The spirit of the important speech and study of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the new era of promoting the rise of the central region in the new era and the study of General Secretary Xi Jinping during the two sessions of the country and the spirit of the two sessions across the country,As the current primary political task,firmly grasp to promote high -quality development、Accelerate the main line of the development of new quality productivity,Promote the conversion of new and old development kinetic energy with more pragmatic measures。Combining theory learning with the implementation of superior Recommended European Cup match betting sitesdecision -making deployment,Combination with my own work,Leading the quasi -policy,Thinking of in -depth thinking,Innovative ideas and measures,Promoting work improvement。Members of teams at all levels should take the lead in learning to cast souls、Learn to increase wisdom、Learn to righteousness、Learn to promote dry,To preach and explain to the employees,Research on front -line surveys at the grassroots level,Use the problem to solve the problem、Reform Innovation、The actual results of promoting development drive the responsibility of cadres and employees as、Struggle hard。

       Meng Jun pointed out,It is necessary to effectively enhance accelerated files、The sense of urgency of the innovation bureau,Speed ​​up the development of new quality in the development of new quality in terms of local conditions。It is necessary to bravely fight for scientific and technological innovation,Deep integration into the group company's scientific and technological innovation system,Find the breakthrough of your own comparative advantage,Cooperation in industry -university -research、Scientific research fund management and use、Construction of science and technology talent team、Project results evaluation and promotion of new model,Focus on the safety of coal mine、Symposium、Green mining and intelligent and efficient sort、Coal distribution technology、Coal clean and efficient utilization and other aspects to strengthen technology research,Improve Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteresource savings and intensive use level and product added value。It is necessary to bravely fight for the industrial upgrade first,Improve the working mechanism of the efficient linkage of production and trade and transportation,Zooming can be in international、Advantages of Domestic deployment resources,Build an integrated commercial pattern and intensive efficient industrial chain coordinated development model,Accelerate the integration of energy supply to energy、Service quality high -end transformation。Be brave in essential security to take good as,Construction of DuPont Safety Management System,Accelerate the upgrading of safety standardization and standardization; solidly carry out three -year operation of safety production and control,In -depth and meticulous investigation and governance safety hazards,Use the digital platform to strengthen the pre -supervision、Finding systemic problems、Analysis of repeated hidden dangers root cause,To achieve "problem orientation、System governance、Listing number、closed -loop management "; actively promotes self -transfer equipment trains、belt self -movement machine、Application of new equipment such as digging anchor and care all -in -one,Equipment upgrades to strengthen security capabilities,Promoting high -quality development and benign interaction with high levels of safety。To be brave in green development and take good as,In -depth implementation of comprehensive Recommended European Cup match betting sitesgovernance of ecological environment,Cooperative promotion of carbon reduction、Discovering、Expansion、Growth,Play "Blue Sky、Bishui、Pure Land "defense war,Accelerate the realization of development methods green low carbon transformation。It is necessary to fight for reform and change in reform and change.,Deepen the reform and improvement of state -owned enterprises in depth,Solid the "three energy" mechanism to extend to the grassroots,Continuous market -based reform,Further improve the system of party building and integrate approval system,Actively implement the performance management change of the group company、Specific deployment of income distribution optimization,Fully mobilize all members "Pay attention to operation、Participate in operation "enthusiasm and initiative,Focus on creating a new development method、Company governance new、New business mechanism、Layout the new modern new state -owned enterprise。

       Meng Jun emphasized,It is necessary to pay attention to the implementation of various tasks with strong wind,Make new contributions for the second "three steps" strategy of the new coking coal。Pay attention to the target task and pay close attention to implementation,close to the strategic goals of the group company and their own specific tasks,Hanging chart combat、Promoting the table,For difficulties, diligent in communication reports、Active research thinking,Creatively take out the problem、Measures Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteand methods to complete the task。Pay close attention to the process management and implement the implementation,Improve the supervision and evaluation mechanism,Singleization management、Node advancement、Accurate implementation,Zhou Baoyue、To the rose season、Ji Bao Nian,Make sure time and progress match、Time and effect match。Pay close attention to the cadre style and grasp the implementation,Adhere to the above rate、True Grabbing、Grab quickly,Perseverance to master the situation、The problem is solved in front line、Measures are implemented in the front line,Persist in doing good things for employees and masses,Focus on solving the problem that the grass -roots line and the employees and the masses are anxious,Create a united struggle、A good atmosphere of the combination of strength,Promote various tasks to a new level,Accelerate the high -quality development of enterprises。