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       March 14,Shanmei International Holds Hequ Energy Power Plant Project Promotion Meeting,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China,Zhang Wenlong, deputy general manager of Xishan Coal Electricity,Li Zhi, General Legal Consultant of Sand Coal International, and the person in charge of the relevant professional department attended the meeting,Focusing on the problem of solving the processing of project promotion。

       Fu China first investigated the project progress,At the subsequent promotion meeting,I heard the project headquarters、EPC Chief Bag Fang、Work Report of the person in charge of the supervisors and other parties。He emphasized,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesParticipating units and other related units must stand in the overall situation,Fully understand the political significance of the Hequ Energy Power Plant project as a key project in the province and their respective envoys,To fully communicate、Support each other、Coordinated advance,Negotiation Solution to take water for water、Pipe Gallery Construction and other problems,Go all out to ensure the smooth construction of the project。Second, we must seize the key and key attack.Adhere to the established target of the established period of time,Find the core link of the impact on the progress of the progress,Grasp the big and small、Severe the Lord、Concentration breakthrough,Effectively fight the "168" trial transportation battle,In this process, we must be closely linked,Reasonable incentive rewards,Mobilize Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesall forces to ensure that the project is delivered on schedule、Run as scheduled。Third, we must compact responsibilities and ensure safety.For high -altitude operations、Fire work、Hidden hidden dangers such as hanging projects frequently、The links where the safety accident is easy to occur,Pay attention to the truth、Implement responsibility,All parties should cover the safety goals and tasks to the whole member、Promote to the scene,Especially the regular operation of construction and seasonal safety prevention work must be implemented,Effectively make the project into a security project、High -quality engineering。

       After the promotion meeting,Fu Zhonghua met with the party committee secretary of the Shanxi Branch of the Shanxi Branch of the Hequ Energy Power Plant Project in China、President Wang Yanzeng and one line,An exchange discussion。Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesFu Zhonghua introduced project progress and the production and operation of Shanmei International,Wang Yanzeng introduced the business scope and strategic goals issued by the provincial agriculture,The two sides are integrated with coal power、Ecological repair governance、Coal strategic reserve、Green transformation and development reached further cooperation consensus。