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       March 4,Yashan Coal International held a special meeting of the "end -to -end" full -process lean management demonstration benchmarking mines。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the meeting and spoke。Related leaders of Shanmei International、The person in charge of the department and the person in charge of the sub -branch attended the meeting at the main venue,Jingfang Coal Industry、Changchun Xing Coal Industry at the Video Branch。The meeting was chaired by Chang Guangwei, the General Economic Division of Shanmei International。

       The meeting explained the promotion of the whole process of the full process of the "end -to -end" of Shanmei International,and made specific arrangements for the implementation steps of the work。

       Pay China emphasized,To accurately grasp the Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesFree Bet on Euro 2024essential connotation of lean management of the full process of "end -to -end",Deep understanding of creating a demonstration benchmark ore is an important measure to implement the spirit of the Shanxi Coking Coal 2024 work conference and Chairman Zhao investigating the spirit of Shanmei International instructions。Depending on cost、Business efficiency and management as the core,Focus on the entire process of coal mine production and operation lean,Grid Stereo recognition of various waste points,Optimized。Washing of production and operation through identification、Optimized service ability、Method for improving management quality,Use full -process control、Equipment upgrade、Technical support and other measures,The best production and operation efficiency、The best management and control target for production operations,Free Bet on Euro 2024European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSafe and reliable European Cup betting websiteNew Road for the high -quality development of the enterprise、Do a demonstration。  

       Payment of China Requirements,To improve political standing,Implementing the benchmark creation work of lean management。Jingfang Coal Industry、Changchun Xing Coal Industry must set up a full -process lean management benchmarking demonstration mine creation leadership group,Clarifying the "first leader" as the team leader、The general manager is a liaison officer,Create benchmarks in the key work of the year,Comprehensive import of lean management concepts,Explore、Methods of Practice Lean Management,Formation meetsLean Management Model of the Company Features。Related professional departments and sub -branches shall provide personnel organizational guarantee for benchmark creation work、Cooperative cooperation protection,Free Bet on Euro 2024European Cup betting website with the highest oddsComprehensive cooperation to implement,Do a good job of guiding service for the two pilot mines。Leanization Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesManagement Department shall notify the progress of the work monthly,Ensure that the full process of lean management demonstration benchmarking ore creation work smoothly,To build new coke coal and make new skills。