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Release time: 2024-03-05   Author: Propaganda Department of Shanmei International Party Committee Views:

       March 4,Shanmei International Holding the Security Council (expanded) meeting、General Manager Safety Office Meeting and National "Two Sessions" Safety Prevention Work Conference,Deepen the country、The Spirit of the Recent Safety Conference of Our Provincial and Shanxi Coking Coke,Promoting Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe supervision and feedback of the State Council's security Committee to supervise and feedback to completely rectify the zero sales number,Re -deployment of safety and environmental work during the "Two Sessions" and the first quarter of the national "two sessions"。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the meeting and speak。Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Cao Junwen chaired the meeting。Leadership of Shanmei International、All departments of the organs、The Senate Branch participated in the main venue,Sea Transport Branch and grassroots units participate at the video branch venue。

       will be on,Cao Junwen led the "Hard Measures on Preventing and Controlling the Evergright Production Safety Incidents in the Mine Section" and "Regulations on the Safety Production of Coal Mine"。Participating organs and departments notified the safety and environmental work in February、Business security situation、Party and Government Group Collaborative Lien Safety Inspection Activities、Lean Management、Safety Supervision、"One Table and One Table" completion,Refined work measures in March。Members of the leadership team of Shanmei adhere to the goal -oriented、Problem orientation and Recommended European Cup match betting sitesresults -oriented,System arrangements for the safety and environmental work in the division area,Emphasized the key tasks。

       Pay China emphasized,It is of great significance to do a good job of safety and environmental work during the National "Two Sessions" during the national "two sessions",Ding Ding Dian loss。All units and units must deeply understand the current severe situation,Effectively enhance the political consciousness of safe and environmental protection,Implement the Party Central Committee and State Council with the strictest measures、Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、The deployment requirements of the group company and Shanmei International,Throughout the idea of ​​"old good people",Deduction of tightly crushing solid safety and environmental protection liability chain,Pass the pressure to the end of the front line,problems existing from root rectification,Prevent and resolve risk hidden dangers from the source,firmly holding the bottom line of the high -quality development of the enterprise。

       Payment of China Requirements,To grasp the initiative of safe and environmental work,Hard work in advance and source control。To achieve six "count in your heart",That is the conditions for production safety、Major risk management and control situation、Rectification and sales of major hidden dangers、Dynamic changes、Key link Free Bet on Euro 2024operation、Cadres and employees have the ability to perform their duties and work style,Prevent risks with targeted manners、Solve the problem、Improve work。To "find out clearly、Recognition full、Familiar、Keep it ",Effectively check clearly all kinds of hidden disaster factors,All -in -one、Full process recognition evaluation safety risk,Divided into professionalism for recognition results、Sub -tissue training and learning,Make sure that it is familiar with all risk management and control measures and emergency response measures,From mine、Team、The team is followed up to the implementation of each position,Realize the whole process of production safety。To promote the construction of essential safety protection,Strictly control security regulations and operation standards,Increase supervision and assessment strength,On the opposite side of the re -examination, typical,Urges all units and units to effectively use absolute measures and methods to ensure absolute safety。

       Pay Zhonghua pointed out,We must pay close attention to work implementation and implementation,Ensure that the company's safety and environmental stability during the "two sessions" period,Building a guarantee for the completion of various target tasks for the whole year。To tighten the responsibility of European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe actual supervision,Innovative safety supervision practices,Give full play to the role of resident ore and guard,Truth touching hard、Face the question,Keep the bottom line with the hard measure of "long teeth"。To improve the quality and effectiveness of the investigation of hidden dangers,Do a real process safety control,Strict "Four Four Four Accounts" closed -loop management,Solving the problem of hidden dangers one by one。We must carry out a solid training and study,Promoting security laws and regulations and higher -level documents requires consistently,Ensure that the company is organized in accordance with laws and compliance。We must adhere to the implementation of "no supervision and control without homework",Mainly installing a fixed camera、Mobile camera supplemented,Implement all the job location of all the work locations of the well under the well underneath the video monitoring without blind spots、Full coverage。We must grasp and change the management,Fully consider geological conditions、Season and other changing factors affect,Strictly implement security technical measures and organizational management measures。Do not relax and grasp environmental protection,Deepen the work of partition inspections and sub -packing insurance,Correction of environmental Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesprotection responsibilities at all levels,Ensure that environmental protection facilities run normally、Monitoring data is true and valid,Mine water reaching standard treatment、The work execution of the regulatory disposal of vermiculite,Play "Blue Sky、Bishui、Pure Land "three major defense wars。We must carefully grasp the overall governance and stability、Public opinion management and other work,Implement various defense measures,Holding the high -quality development of new coke coal for the national "two sessions" victory。