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       February 27,Shanmei International Holding March 2024 Self -Production Coal Sales Plan Meeting,Shanmei International Financial Management Department、Coal Quality Management Center、Sales Branch and other related units、The person in charge of the department attended the meeting。

       The meeting heard the "production in March、washing、Yun、Selling "work report,Analysis and judgment on the recent coal market and price trend。The meeting pointed out,In the first quarter, each unit shall comprehensively sort out Recommended European Cup match betting sitesand Recommended European Cup match betting sitesrefine the arrangement of various task indicators and completions at the beginning of the year。Sales Branch must closely surround Shanxi Coking Coal、Sales of the annual key tasks of Shanmei International Mission,Grasp "Continuous"、"Implementation"、Strict "control",Guidance with the unified management method of coal coke sales,Forms a collaborative linkage of all aspects of the production and sales and trade transportation。To strengthen communication with the railway department,Give full play to the role of sales leading,Clear responsibilities、Complement of resources、Integrated sales mode of superimposed advantages。

       Meeting requirements,First, we must clearly touch the production and washing plan of each mining Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteplant,Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitePrecise formulation of monthly commodity coal sales plan,It is necessary to ensure that the coal mine production sales are stable,We must fully meet the annual customer needs,Make sure high -quality completion of energy guarantee mission。Second, to increase the implementation of the "Sky Eye Project",Constructing the work requirements of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",High standard、Batch batch、There are key points、Promote the system work such as unmanned pound automatic recruitment without a dead end,Do not risk sales,No monitoring and control blind spots。Third, the sales branch must fully ensure that the on -site coal redeem the standard,Each coal mine should combine the actual production,Provide Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesthe amount Free Bet on Euro 2024of resource on the site,Meeting the railway capacity needs of the road bureau,Use preferential policies,Maximize the benefits。