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Release time: 2024-01-22   Author: Propaganda Department of Shanmei International Party Committee Views:

       January 20,Shanmei International Holds 2024 Lean Management Work Club,In -depth implementation of the Third Professional Conference of the Seventh Session of the Seventh Corporation of Shanxi and the spirit of the 2024 work meeting,Seriously implement the third professional conference of Shanmei International and the spirit of the 2024 work meeting,Summarize the company's lean management European Cup betting website with the highest oddswork,Commendation advanced,Deployment task,Powerful promotion of lean management to go deep and do it、Make a detailed visibility,Stimulates high -quality development new kinetic energy。Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Coking Coal、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Chunghwa chair the meeting and make a request,The full -time deputy secretary of the party committee Zhao Yanyu read the commendation decision,General Economic Master Chang Guangwei made a lean management work report。

       Meng Jun pointed out,Lean Management is the core of modern enterprise management,is the key measure for the new coking coal to achieve the strategic goal of "three three steps",It is the only way to promote the high -quality development of Shanmei International.。In recent years,Shanmei International according to the strategic deployment of the group company,Build a modern management system with lean management,Persist in the benchmarking first -class、Project drive,System Clipping、Work import,Turn lean from concept to specific practice,strongly promoted the continuous consolidation of the safety foundation,continuous improvement of business management,Continuous improvement of business benefits,Enterprises Recommended European Cup match betting siteshave entered a new stage of high -quality development。At the same time,Also soberly see the requirements of the party committee of the group company,In terms of ideology、Cadre exist、There is still a gap and deficiency in the integration of work。The company must effectively enhance the sense of urgency、Mission feel、sense of responsibility,Follow the "10 basic principles" proposed by the group company,persistence、Stability、True "3 Methodology",Elimination of formalism、Returningism、Both preference、"Talking on the paper" and other aspects of misunderstandings,Perform this management revolution to the end。

       Meng Jun emphasized,To strengthen measures,True Grabbing,Efforts to make demonstrations on lean management and see results、Tree model。We must continue to improve the lean management system,Requirements for digital transformation of the group implementation management process,From the coal mine unit、Investment and trade unit、Three aspects of agencies and departments,Systems build a "end -to -end" full -process lean management mode。To continue to improve the working mechanism of lean innovation,Practical creative effect on lean innovation projects,Finding innovation in the lean improvement proposal,Cost control、Safe and environmental protection、Lean production、Lean collection and supply management、Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteSee results in lean supervision and management。We must continue to improve the guarantee measures of lean work,Strengthen organizational guarantee、Digital Wisdom Power、Leading management and service guidance,Adhere to leadership、Grab the leader,All members catch、Grasp the whole staff,System catch、Grab the system,Forms a strong working force。To fulfill the "three never" requirements of the party committee of the group company,Perseverance of the concept pattern is first -class in the benchmark,To improve the management cognition of improving leaning; persist in ability literacy to be a first -class,To learn lean management.,To promote lean management is never boring,Accelerate the transformation of lean management "first -mover advantages" into a long -lasting competitive advantage,For the construction of a new coke coal and make new skills。

       Fu China requires when hosting the meeting,All units should quickly implement the spirit of this meeting,Effectively unify the thinking and action to the deployment requirements of the company's party committee,penetrate the concept of lean into the whole member、Full process、All -in -one。Main responsible comrades must give lean management and safety、Production、Environmental protection、Quality、Cost and other organic combination,"Pain point around the unit、Difficult point、Blocking Point "Question,aiming the target heart,Precision Free Bet on Euro 2024force,Make sure that lean management is solid and effective。Professional departments at all levels must effectively strengthen the coordination with the lean management department,System planning from a professional perspective、Organization、Promotion,Improvement of work projects、Specialization of the department,Continuously promoting lean management and then to a new level。

       The meeting commended the advanced unit of lean management of Shanmei International in 2023,Zhao Yanyu read the commendation decision file,Company leader is Holxinhe Coal Industry、Jingfang Coal Industry、Changchun Xing Coal Industry and other units awarded medals,The commendation unit representatives exchanged speeches。

       Chang Guangwei reviewed the lean management of 2023 in the report,Arrange the work in 2024。Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesFocus on the party building leader,Real tricks in sublimation cognition,Firmly lean management confidence and determination;Two isFocus mechanism is perfect,New tricks in the implementation of control,Form a systematic lean management model;Three isFocusing tool method,Practice in practical application,Help lean management goes deeply;Four isFocus on key areas,True skills in the fusion and extension,Promoting the management of leaning and management is effective;Five isFocus on talent breeding,Strong internal skills in promoting the job of promoting the Bank of China,Provide a strong guarantee for lean management;Six isFocus on cultural construction,Fine work on the concentration of the heart,Create a good atmosphere for lean management。

       The meeting was held in the form of video,Member of the Leading Team of Shanmei,Deputy departments or above of the agency,The main person in charge of each branch and coal mines、The person in charge of the lean work attended the meeting at the main venue;、Members of the grassroots unit team,The person in charge of the professional department attended the meeting at each video branch venue。

       Before the meeting,Participants watched the excellent experience case video of lean management。