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Release time: 2024-01-09   Author: Party Committee Propaganda Department Views:

       January 9,Shandong Coal International Holds 2024 Safety and Environmental Protection Working Meeting,Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance,Comprehensively implement the spirit of Shanxi Coking Coal 2024 Safety and Environmental Work Conference,Summary experience,Commendation advanced,Deployment task,Mobilize all cadres and employees to condense、True Grabbing,Fully do a good job in 2024 safety and environmental protection work,Laying a solid safety and environmental foundation for the high -quality development of the enterprise。Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Coking Coal、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Free Bet on Euro 2024Chairman Meng Jun attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Chunghwa chair the meeting and make a request,The full -time deputy secretary of the party committee Zhao Yanyu read the commendation decision,Deputy General Manager Cao Junwen for 2024 safety、Environmental work report。

       Meng Jun pointed out in his speech,Safety and environmental protection is an important content of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,It is the right meaning of high -quality development。We have to stand on firm defending the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the political height of "two maintenance",Effectively put safety and environmental protection in an important position such as corporate top,With a highly responsible attitude and strong measures, do a good job of safety and environmental work,A solid barrier to build high -quality development。To recognize the situation,Grasp the rules,Tree firmly develops、Green Development Concept,Maintaining the work of safe and environmental protection,Solving the problem of outstanding contradictions、Prevent and resolve major risks、Comprehensive improvement of the essence and safety and environmental protection level as a demonstration,Modernization of a safety and environmental protection governance system and governance capacity,With greater determination、greater intensity to promote high -quality development and high -level security and environmental protection benign interaction,Create safe development、Green Development "Mountain Coal Model"。

       Meng Jun emphasized,To highlight the "two starters",Get "six enhancements",Practical style、Powerful measures really do it、Recommended European Cup match betting sitesImprove effectiveness,Comprehensively accelerate the construction of safe and safe environmental protection enterprises。To implement the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、The General Office of the State Council "Opinions on Further Strengthening Mining Work Safety" as the starting point,Three -year operation of carrying out the three -year operation of safety production,Focus on key difficulties,Continuous efforts to attack,Improve the level of essential safety management。To strengthen the construction of the safety management system,Build a "list sales number、closed loop management、Responsibility for accountability、Award -winning and Penaltic Safety Safety Responsibility System,Accelerate the introduction of DuPont security system,Improve the employee safety behavior management system、Emergency rescue system and safety supervision system,Forms a full -scale security management pattern of all members; we must strengthen the "three bases" construction,Pay close attention to the standardization of production safety,Increase safety training,Create district team autonomy、Team autonomy、Management mode of self -discipline of employees,Consolidate the foundation of security management; to strengthen the implementation of the "dual Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitespre -control" mechanism,Strengthening major risk prevention and control and changing risk prevention and control,Focus on gas、Water damage、Top board and other key areas and weak links,Further practical practice and deepen hidden danger investigation and governance,Promote security management from "zero accidents" to "zero European Cup betting website with the highest oddshidden dangers"; strengthen technical security technology Xing'an,Grasp the design source control,Strict security technology management,Strengthen the construction of the technical team,Actively carry out research on scientific research,Accelerate the promotion of intelligent construction,Support safe production with strong scientific and technological innovation; strengthen ecological and environmental protection work,Improve the ecological environmental protection responsibility system,Consolidate the basic work of ecological and environmental protection,Strengthening precision pollution control scientific pollution,Promote green low -carbon development,Create a model model for high -quality development of ecological protection;,Adhere to the party building leader,Give full play to organizational advantages,Party and government group coordinated joint cooperation to grasp safety and environmental protection,All members participate,Co -construction, co -governance,Form "Everyone wants、Renren Management、A good situation of everyone ",Promote the comprehensive improvement of the level of safety and environmental protection,Development in safely、Green development compete for first -class、Cable,Make new contributions to the construction of new coking coal。

       Fu China will implement the spirit of this meeting and do a good job of safety and environmental work throughout the year。First, we must unswervingly improve political standing,Continuously enhance the safety and environmental protection red line bottom line consciousness,Follow -up question、Knowing a short board,Clear direction、Responsibility,Guide the majority of cadres and employees to link the security of the enterprise Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Siteswith their own security,Conservation of others' lives and their own lives。Second, we must unswervingly unswervingly condense all members' joint force,Clarify the main task,Grasp the key link,Find the key issues,Coordinating the implementation of various work measures,Make sure the goal is achieved successfully。Third, we must firmly change the style,Strengthen responsibility、Seriously performing duties,Maintain the high -pressure situation of strict control and strict control,To ensure that it is unprecedented with strong work style,Promote the company's high -quality development with the actual results of safe and environmental protection。

       Zhao Yanyu read the "Decision on Commendation of Advanced Unit (Collective) and Advanced Individuals in Commendation of Sand Coal International in 2023" and "Against the Advanced Unit of Environmental Protection (Collective) and Advanced Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Decide"。

       Cao Junwen made 2024 security、Environmental work report。Two reports review and summarize the work safety and ecological environmental protection work in 2023,Clarified the guiding ideology of safety and environmental work in 2024、Work Objective、Thinking measures,Two -fastening idea of ​​"15731" production safety work,that is: follow a main line,Adhere to the five principles,Improve the seven systems,Create the "Three Hua" essential safe enterprises,Build value identity、Behavior perception、Safety culture of continuous upgrading of management,Specific arrangements for safety production work in 2024; closely linked to the "10254" ecological and environmental work ideas,that is: strictly keep the "bottom line",Adhere to the environmental violation of the law "zero tolerance",Constructing the "dual Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitespre -control" mechanism for environmental protection,Focus on five grasping points,Fully promote the "Four Promotion",A comprehensive deployment of ecological and environmental protection work in 2024。

       Will on the way,Meng Jun、Fu Zhonghua and other international leaders also presented awards for commended units and personal representatives of employees。Meng Jun signed the 2024 safety target responsibility status on behalf of the principals of Shanmei International and some sub -branches、Ecological and Environmental Protection Objective Responsibilities。

       The meeting was held in the form of video。Member of the Leadership Team of Shanmei,Enterprises or above of the agencies,The main person in charge of each branch and coal mines、In charge of the person in charge of safety、The person in charge of environmental protection attended the meeting at the main venue;、Members of the grassroots unit team,The person in charge of the professional department attended the meeting at each video branch venue。