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       June midsummer,10,000 things Hua Shi。The beginning of the start of the 20th spirit of the party in comprehensively,At the beginning of the start Safe and reliable European Free Bet on Euro 2024Cup betting websiteof the second "three steps" new journey of the new coke,June 14,Member of Shanmei International Party Committee、Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Baolong led the literary team composed of the literary backbone of the grassroots units to enter Changchun Xing、Hanjiawa and the three mine units of Hanjiawa and Donggu City,Bring 3 cultural feasts to the majority of employees。

       In order,Efforts to enhance the sense of belonging of employees、Happiness and Security,Liu Baolong and his party go deep into Changchun Xing Coal Industry Well,I gave rock sugar for employees who just raised the well、Mung Bean and other summer cool gift packs,and tell everyone to take the "Safety Production Month" as an opportunity,firmly establish the concept of security development,Tighten the safety liability chain,Effectively do a good job of work safety,Empowerment for high -quality development for the enterprise。

       Liu Baolong delivered a speech at the scene of Changchun Xingxing's condolences,He pointed out,On the new journey of building a "new coking coal",Unity and struggle for cadres and employees、Recommended 2024 European European Cup betting website with the highest oddsCup Betting Sitesovercome difficulties,In ensuring national energy security、Lean Management、cost reduction and efficiency and other aspects have made positive contributions,I hope that all cadres and employees will continue to work hard in the future,Carefully study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Shanxi's important speech,Keeping the bottom line of safe and environmental protection,The mental state of the ups and downs,True and pragmatic work style,The firm belief of the decisive victory for decisive battle,Continue to write glory with sweat、Establish a monument with achievements、Win the future with credibility。

       Subsequent,Literature and Art Show kicked off in applause and applause。Daping Coal Industry brings the song "I Love My Motherland",Everyone seems to see the five -star red flag on Tiananmen Square fluttering with the wind,It is exciting; Jingfang Coal Industry Suona Performs "Boiling Yellow Land",Blows out of the natives of the Northwest people; the song "To whom"、Xinyuan Branch's saxophone performance "I only care about you"Free Bet on Euro 2024、Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesLing Zhida Coal Industry "The First Love"、The Peking Opera "Selling Water" in Holxin He Coal Industry、The large -scale clothing and dance performance of the Trade Branch "The Fantasy Song of the Neon" and the 16 programs of the "Dedication to the Party" of Changchun Xing Coal Industry are wonderful,Colorful forms、The performance of the fascination won the applause of the audience,Terminal integrated on the stage。The entire literary performance vividly shows the firm confidence of the majority of employees、Confidence and self -improvement,Based on the post、The positive gesture of the establishment of the industry,Expressing the new era of workers in the new era, a new journey、Confidence and determination to work together,Fully demonstrated the unity of all employees of the new coking coal、Good spiritual style of stubborn hard work。

       So far,The first phase of the Shanmei International Trade Union in the Jinbei regional culture benefit the people's condolences performed perfectly,Performance has been well received by the staff of the employees of relevant units。Everyone said,Currently, the group European Cup betting website European Cup betting website with the highest oddswith the highest oddswill fully implement the 20th spirit of the party in the group、When promoting theme education and the "Safety Production Month" activity,Leaders at all levels of Shanmei International Party Committee and Trade Union、Discard personnel penetrate the front line of the grassroots,Carrying out condolences and literary performances,Not only enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the grass -roots front -line workers,It also inspired everyone to grab safety、Stability、Promoting development,Enthusiastic work of actively participating in enterprise construction。All cadres and employees will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Under the correct leadership of Shanxi Jiao Coal and Shanmei International Party Committee,Anchor the goal of "accelerating the construction of a world -class coking coking enterprise",Three intentions to develop、Concentrated on construction、Mastery to increase benefits,Make new and greater contributions in the new journey Safe and reliable European Free Bet on Euro 2024Cup betting websiteof the second "three steps" of Xinjiao Coal。