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Release time: 2023-10-03   Author: Ling Zhida Coal Industry Guo Min Views:

       October 2,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Zhonghua went to Ling Zhida Coal Industry to inspect and guide safety production work。

       Fu Chunghwa randomly spot -checked Ling Zhida Coal Industry Leaders in Destruction and Dating on Duty,Later, in -depth comprehensive mining work surface、Earnging working face and auxiliary transportation slides,Learn about the production safety situation,Explain to employees on the spot to explain how to correctly identify the risks existing,and on -site management、Hidden Danger Investigation、Top Board Management、Mechanical and electrical equipment operation and other situations communicated with company leaders。

       Find a balancing point,To fully recognize the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitesevere nature of the current safety situation of coal mines,Keep in mind that security is the prerequisite for the development of the enterprise,Find a balancing point,Organize safety production。His request,First to improve political standing,Improve the awareness of the overall situation,In -depth implementation of Shanxi Coking Coal、Emergency Video of Sand Coal International Safety Production,Grabbing the work safety work as a heavy grasp。Second, we must implement the main responsibility,The main person in charge of the mine unit shall be with the attitude of "rest assured",Personally analyze and judge production safety,Responsibility for work safety,Guarantee the safe and stable development of the mine。Third, strengthen on -site management,Especially to keep an eye on the weak links and key parts of safety management,In -depth investigation and European Cup betting website with the highest oddsresolution of various types of risks,Make sure that unsafe factors are eliminated in the bud state。Fourth to strengthen warning education,To watch accident cases such as "Black Three -minute Life and Death" and other accident cases as a breakthrough,Organization cadres and employees actively carry out appearances、Safety reflection discussion and other activities,Members of the leadership team must take the initiative to enter the team、Enter the first line to carry out risk source recognition、Defense measures、Safety preaching of improvement methods,Effectively let cadres and employees understand、Want to understand、Dry understand,Implement the safety responsibility of all members。Five to adhere to the overall concept,Taking the collective as the heavy,Taking decision -making as a heavy,In particular, members of the leadership team must Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitestake the lead in lectures、Dedication、Speaking of solidarity,Respect each other、Support each other、Collaborative cooperation,Holding fingers into fist,Form a joint force。Six must do practical things for employees and masses,I want the employees to think、Urgent employees urgently,Under the underlying solution of employees' anxiety and worry,Taking co -construction sharing as the cornerstone,Let the employees feel the warmth of the business family。