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        September 29th Mid -Autumn Festival,Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Coking Coal、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun to Hequ Luotian Coal Industry、Hequ Energy Company Supervisory Safety Work。

       Meng Jun and his party go deep into Hequ's open -air coal industry dispatch room、Picking scene、Coal selection plant、Projects such as the laboratory and the Hequ Energy Company Power Plant Project,On -site inspecting safety production、Ecological Environmental Protection、Selection processing、Coal quality management、Cost control、Engineering construction, Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteetc.,Detailed understanding of the safety management during the "two sections"、Production organizations and duty -on -duty class arrangements。

       Meng Jun emphasized,To grasp the work safety work,Implementation of Shanxi Coke、A series of security -related conferences in Shanmei International,firmly establish "Safety is the sky、Life first "concept,Careful arrangement、Conspling the deployment of various safety work measures,Strictly implement the duty duty system,It is strictly forbidden to produce by superpowers,Resolutely achieve "not safe and not produced",Make sure that it is all lost。To grasp ecological environmental protection in the same important position as safety production,Improve the position,Compact responsibility,Check the hidden dangers,System European Cup betting website with the highest oddsgovernance,Keeping the bottom line of ecological environmental protection,Accelerate the pace of green development。To strengthen cost management and control,Powerful promotion of lean management,In -depth and meticulous analysis of cost structure,Formulate targeted cost reduction and efficiency and increase measures,Focus on creating low -cost core competitiveness。To build a clean and clean line,Always tight discipline and rules,Enhanced the fixed force of refusing corruption and prevention,Be strict with self -discipline、Strict responsibility、The jurisdiction of the strict manager。To build a strong team、Bring a good team,Support each other between members、Help each other、Long -term tonic、Unite and forge ahead,Give the leader and employee、Be a good Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesexample; at the same time, strengthen the cultivation of young cadres and new employees,Construction of high -quality cadre talent team,Provide strong support for the high -quality development of the enterprise,Make new contributions to accelerating the construction of a world -class coking coking coal company。