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Release time: 2023-08-18   Author: Shanmei International Youth League Committee Views:

       In -depth study, propaganda, and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensively implement the 20th spirit of the party,Leading the youth of the majority of members to speed up from the "Shengli Army" that promoted the development to the "main force" to grow。In the first half of 2023,Youth Members of Shanmei International Youth League Committee organized the "Xi Jinping's New Age Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"、"The Twenty Strategic Deployment of the Party"、"The spirit European Cup betting website with the highest oddsof General Secretary Xi Jinping's May 4th May 4th Back" and "General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important speech spirit of the new leadership team of the Central Committee of the League of the League of Leadership Team" four items of the topic learning。

       Innovative forms of league organizations at all levels、Build a platform,Establishing a joint guidance mechanism,Adhere to leadership with learning、Active self -study、Learning Learning Learning、Collective research、Exchange and mutual learning "Five Learning Links",Promoting special learning deepening、Internalization、Conversion。

       Everyone said,Take this special learning as an opportunity,A firm ideal belief in learning and practical understanding、Liability for the mission European Cup betting website with the highest oddsof enhanced responsibility、Build a dam of the damping of the erosion,Efforts to learn to cast souls、Learn to increase wisdom、Learn to righteousness、Real results in promoting dryness。

       In the second half of the year,The Shanmei International Youth League Committee will transform the spiritual learning content into a goal and specific action,Effective shoulder shoulder strengthening young ideological and political leadership、Serving youth development wholeheartedly、Deepen key tasks such as the reform of the Communist Youth League,Unity and lead the company's young members of the youth to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、Direction of the Time、Promoting the spirit of the struggle、Keep struggle passion,Contribute youth wisdom and strength to the development of new coking coal。